When most of us log on, the first thing we do is check into some social media which forms our online audience, and our peers. Only 14% of internet surfers pay any attention to traditional advertising but almost 92% of people pay attention to products that their friend's recommend. What you need is to get people talking about your product! Penetrating this lucrative market would allow you to get access to this huge potential source of income. 

Social Media


1. Facebook has over 1 billion members. If it were a country, that would be the 3rd largest in the World.

Behind China and India, Facebook would be the third largest "country" in the world easily tripling the population of the United States. This is probably because over 50% of the world's population is under 30 years old. Also, Facebook is not even allowed in China. If it was, I think it's safe to say that Facebook would easily surpass India and China taking first place.

2. Facebook gets blamed for 1 in 5 divorces

This statistic blew my mind! If we assume that the divorce rate is around 50%, then that's an estimated 1 out of every 10 marriages will end in divorce because of Facebook. Just another piece of evidence showing how much control these sites have over our lives.

3. Every second, 2 new members join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business oriented social avenue. More business and networking is being done online than ever before! That's 172,800 new LinkedIn profiles being created every day! This just shows you how heavily businesses are starting to turn to the Internet for marketing and promoting themselves. Also, the number of people who have a business that operates solely on the internet has grown exponentially in the last several years.

4. Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube

Websites like YouTube are connecting the online world and making it possible for anyone to have access to an extraordinary amount of information and/or opportunity. If you really want to have your mind blown, go to the video "Gangnum Style" on YouTube, and multiply the video length by the number of views, you get the total amount of time that we, as the human race, has spent watching that one particular video since July of 2012. At the time of writing this article, I calculated that we have spent roughly 14,727 years watching that video. That's over 200 lifetimes spent watching one video!

5. If someone were to make Wikipedia into a book, it would be 2.25 million pages long

Of course, there's overlaying information, but for the most part, the information is unique. That's incredible! The internet realm allows us to have all this information at our fingertips. We are now living in the age of information. The people with the best information save the most money. The company that provides the best information makes the most money. However, this is not always the case. Now, whoever makes the most money with their businesses are the ones who are most successful in penetrating the social media market. Internet marketing is quickly becoming the fastest way to reach hundreds of thousands of customers in multiple ways. If you aren't monetizing this avenue of potential income, I suggest you continue to educate yourself on the possibilities and options that marketing to this avenue can offer.

Social Media Revolution

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