Social Media Optimization or SMO is rated among one of the best internet marketing techniques that businesses have benefitted from. The sole aim of SMO is to attract large numbers of targeted visitors to a website. SMO helps websites to gain from a particular niche on the internet. Similar to other internet marketing techniques, SMO too has some excellent strategies that business can adopt.

Create Videos:

There are several people who use YouTube regularly and these days it has become a great search engine. Creating an interesting video about the service or product is a great move. Tagging the video with main keywords will make it easy for peoples to search the website. The next step is to link to the video to the main website where the original video is loaded. Similarly presentations can be created and posted on SlideShare and Docstoc.

Blogs & Press Releases:

Creating blogs and posting press releases that will link visitors directly to the original website is a smart SMO strategy. It is important that all the media, videos and images are embedded into the press release pages and blogs. It is important to tag the press releases with appropriate keyword. The content on these pages should also be rich in keyword so that they can easily appear in the top rankings of search engine results.

Content Sharing:

The content that is created should interest and influence the readers in a way that they would want to share it with people on their network. This is considered as viral marketing where the message is spread through the use of networking on social and professional websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter. This type of marketing results in exponential growth of traffic visiting the website and in turn increase in the leads and sales.

Profiles on Social Media Sites:

Having accounts on popular social and professional networks will help businesses promote their services. It is important to give importance to the title of the profile and the header, which should have target keywords so that the profiles get higher rankings on search engine results. Building a following on social networks helps the profile getting indexed by search engines easily.

Making use of Social Influencers:

There are quite a number of influential websites and blogs that present news and analysis of businesses and their products. When submitting content on these sites it is important to make sure that the content is precise and makes a connection with the core audience of these portals. The more relevant the content the better are the chances of it getting published. This is also helpful in cases where the product has not been covered by other news sources.

SMO has emerged as a very influential internet marketing tool that helps business attract huge volumes of traffic within a short span of time and also gives rise to viral marketing. The best deal of making use of SMO marketing is that most of the visitors attracted to the website belong to the same niche market.

Today businesses are looking forward to reap benefits from SMO marketing techniques. To get the best benefits of SMO, it is better to take the help of an experienced SMO and SEO service provider.

SMO services helping businesses gain the most traction in the online market place out of this new and exciting internet marketing technique.