Who doesn't love a ghost story? And there are few more spooky sights than seeing a fully operation ship out to see, completely sea worthy, but with the crew mysteriously absent.

Here are five of the most mysterious ghost ships ever found.

1. The Mary Celeste
Probably the most famous ghost ship of all, the Mary Celeste was found near Portugal in good condition. Indeed, it was still under sail and heading towards the Strait of Gibraltar. However, it was missing one important element - the crew. The last log entry was made 11 days before the ship was eventually discovered. There was still plenty of food and water on board, the cargo was untouched and valuables and possessions belonging to the crew were still in place. Everything from UFO's to explosive alcoholic fumes has been blamed for the crews apparent abandonment of an otherwise sea-worthy vessel. What happened? We'll probably never know.

2. The Carrol A. Deering
One of many ships that sank or went missing around the same time the Carrol A. Deering was discovered abandoned on a beach in North Carolina. Many claim that it was a victim of the Bermuda triangle. Aliens or paranormal activity are other popular contenders. The truth however is probably a little more mundane. The ship's captain didn't get on well with his first mate or crew leading many to suspect mutiny.

3. The Zebrina
Zebrina was a  sailing barge going from Falmouth, England, to Saint-Brieuc, France with a cargo of coal . Only two days after leaving she was discovered aground on Rozel Point, south of Cherbourg. The ship was undamaged except for some tangled rigging. The crew, however, was gone.

4. The Kaz II
Nicknamed the ghost yacht, the Kaz II was found drifting off the coast of Queensland Australia. Everything about the catamaran was normal: the table was set with food, a laptop computer was open and on and the engine was on and running. The only problem was that all three men who were supposed to be on the boat were not.

5. The Ourang Medan
There is some controversy concerning this ship. Indeed some people don't even believe it ever existed. But why let that get in the way of a good ghost story? The Ourang Medan was allegedly discovered of the coast of Indonesia with the entire crew, not missing, but dead. Two American ships, the Silver Star and the City of Baltimore, both received strange, garbled distress calls from the Dutch Ourang Medan. The Silver Star found the undamaged Ourang and boarded it. The crew were all found "frozen, teeth baring, gaping at the sun". A fire broke out and the boarding party were forced to abandon ship. It sank moments later.