If you have cats and especially dogs, then storing their food can be a pain.  For years I used to keep my dog, Sasha’s food in the kitchen pantry area, which meant I had to climb over other things to get there. 

Every day when I would feed her, I would think, there must be a better way.  You can get automatic pet feeders, but I have a large dog, and she doesn’t do as well with that setup. 

SashaCredit: mine

 She is 11 years old and likes her own food and water bowl.  So, I was researching better dog food containers that would house the large bag of kibble and treats that I purchase for my pets.

I found that stackable pet food containers worked out well because I could store the cat food in one and the dog food in another.  There are many cute ones on the market that do not take up much space.  So, if you are like me and you simply have the bag of food in the pantry or closet with a scoop and spill much of it on the way to the bowl, then checkout these dog food containers and get organized!

You could also house their treats and biscuits this way too, which would eliminate boxes and bags on the shelves as well.  Keep it all in one spot then you know when it is getting low.

stackable pet food storageCredit: amazon.com
Bergan Stack-n-stor Pet Food Storage Container
Amazon Price: $17.66 $16.74 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 6, 2015)

Stack and Store

This setup works well for all your pet food and even for bird seed.  The first thing I thought was great the dog will help herself, but the doors can be locked.  I will personally be keeping the setup in the kitchen pantry anyways, but this would get those bags off the floor for sure. This would be for smaller dogs.

stackable pet food storageCredit: amazon.com
Bergan 50-Pound Smart Storage, Large - Color May Vary
Amazon Price: $39.99 $21.35 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 6, 2015)

Large Dog Food Container

If like me, you have a large dog, or many dogs, then you will want to be able to dump the entire bag of kibble in the containers.  You can get these in 50 pound sizes and you can stack them.  This will keep everything off the floor.  There is a little door in the container for your scoop

stackable pet food storageCredit: amazon.com
Vittles Vault 40-Pound Stackable
Amazon Price: $49.99 $29.72 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 6, 2015)

Vaulted Stackable

These are more on the narrow side and perfect for homes with two pets.  They hold about 40 pounds of food and one could be for the cat and the other for the dog.  I personally prefer a larger opening but these lids will keep the food fresh and perfect for a smaller space.

stackable pet food storageCredit: amazon.com
IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit, Blue Moon/Gray
Amazon Price: $27.99 $18.20 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 6, 2015)

Dog Food Storage on Wheels

I love having this one on wheels.  I can wheel it out of the pantry to fill it up, and maneuver it around.  There is a smaller container that sits on top that would be perfect for their treats.  I would use this for Sasha’s dog biscuits.  You do have to remove the top one to fill the bottom one, but I do love the portability of it being on wheels.  This is what I ended up getting.

stackable pet food storageCredit: amazon.com
IRIS Large Elevated Feeder with Airtight Food Storage, 2 2-Quart Bowls, Black
Amazon Price: $43.99 $25.98 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 6, 2015)

Elevated Feeder

This is a way to feed your dog and store their food.  This is a food storage container that also houses the bowls.  You will have to lift the lid off to fill the bowls but this is also great for a house with limited storage and for dogs that should not be eating from the ground.

Many larger dogs have digestion problems and it is suggested that they not eat their food or drink their water directly from the ground level as this puts too much strain on their neck and stomach.

Pet food bags can be large, and cumbersome.  But for years I simply put the bag in the closet or pantry and scooped what I needed out of the bag.  But last year I realized why that is not a good idea, bugs.

It was a hot summer, and some bugs got into the bag of food.  So I had to throw it out and decided that I keep most of my perishables in sealed containers, why not the pet food?  I also had bags of treats and biscuits that were taking up an entire shelf in the small pantry.  So, figured it was time to get a better system.

If you have a small space, there are many systems you can use, but don’t just leave it in the bag as not only do you risk bugs, but the freshness of the food.  Many of the pet foods are natural now and don’t have the preservatives to stay fresh.  You get a better deal when you purchase larger bags and your dog or cat may simply not get through the food before the freshness wears off or something else decides to get in.

A friend of mine uses sealed stackable dog food storage containers at the cottage or otherwise mice find their way to the bags of pet food.  They are not picky and will quite enjoy dog kibble or cat kibble.  So, keeping your pets food fresh and safe and off the ground is the easiest way to keep your pantry or closet clean and give you more room on the shelves. 

So, if you are still struggling with pet food storage, then check out these containers and see which would be work best for your pet.  Stacking vertical like this is the perfect way to get more use out of the space you have.