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The focus of this article is on the recently released Star Wars Blu Ray changes that have altered the movies (yet again), and sometimes in rather significant ways. From simple changes such as slight color alterations, to changes like the inclusion of Darth Vader yelling "No" in one of the most climactic scenes in Star Wars Episode VI; these changes will certainly keep you on your feet when your watching the films on blu ray dvd.

Like so many people, the Star Wars films (especially the old trilogy) are a staple in my film collection. In fact, even if you are not likely to purchase movies, you quite possibly own these. They are just that good, and continue to dominate a variety of film genres including science fiction, adventure, action, romance, among many others. The films have been studied and analyzed since the release of Star Wars IV: A New Hope decades ago. The recent release of the Star Wars Blu Ray set is a fantastic set to own for both newbies to the series, as well as to aged old fans. Seeing these films is crystal clear HD is just beautiful, and the many special features, deleted scenes, and documentaries make the Star Wars bluray a perfect buy! Getting off my little tangent about my love for Star Wars, without making you wait any longer, here are the most significant Star Wars Blu Ray changes I could find:

1. Greedo Shoots (at Han Solo) First

In the Star Wars fanboy world, a lot of controversy has stirred around who shoots first in the Mos Eisley spaceport cantina (in Star Wars Episode IV): Han Solo or the bounty hunter Greedo. With every release of the original Star Wars trilogy comes an alteration to this scene, which consistently leaves us asking the question: "Who shot first?" It seems that both answers ultimately point to Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford) an awesome character (for a lack of more colorful language). Han Solo is either an extremely cold and ruthless character, or he is still a cold and ruthless character (as he is supposed to be as a mercenary and all) but still kind enough to only act in self-defense. Regardless, it seems to me that Han Solo's intent was to kill Greedo regardless of the timing. The alteration cuts out a few frames and puts to rest this issue: Greedo shoots first.

2. Computer Generated Rocks in Front of R2-D2 on Tatooine

This is one of those laughable alterations to a classic movie. In Star Wars Episode 4, George Lucas felt it was necessary to apparently add in some computer generated rocks in front of our favorite and loveable astrodroid R2-D2 while he is hiding in the canyon. To make this alteration even stranger (and worse) is the fact that they "magically" disappear when he exists his hiding place. This is just a ridiculous add on that serves no real purpose at all. At least it doesn't detract from the film, as the sequence lasts only a couple of seconds at most.

3. Luke's Lightsaber is Again White/Blue as Opposed to Green When Training on the Millenium Falcon

It seems that many alterations were made to the old trilogy, and specifically with the original film. During the 2004 re-release, his lightsaber was changed to a hue of green (perhaps to reflect his later change to the lightsaber in Star Wars Episode 6: The Return of the Jedi when he has a green lightsaber representing his own ability to craft a lightsaber and his unique personality as a Jedi. In the Star Wars Blu Ray DVD collection, the lightsaber was returned to it's original color as seen in the theatrical edition of the movies. A wise choice on the part of George Lucas, as these movies were best in their original form for sure!

4. Han Solo's "Carbonite Thaw" is in CGI

In Star Wars VI, when Han Solo is released from his carbonite freezing (by Leia); this scene has been altered to be in CGI. This is interesting because the scene originally looked fantastic, and honestly I thought it was CGI until I was informed that it was not. While this was not a necessary change by any means, it doesn't harm the film in ways that the next film alteration drastically changes the original Star Wars trilogy.

5. Darth Vader Yells "No" Multiple Times Before Throwing the Emperor into the Reactor Core

This is definitely the most significant alteration to the Star Wars trilogy blu ray set. It has set off a large range of criticism and complaining from a variety of popular sources, even getting air time on some major news networks. It has been stated that the "No's" are samples from The Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Sith. While this addition to the film does not exactly deter anyone from purchasing the original trilogy blu ray set, I must say I am personally disappointed by this addition as it seemingly ruins this scene. Darth Vader is known for being a relatively quiet and coldly calculated character, and in this scene he changes from "evil" to "good" as he destroys the Emperor and saves his son (Luke Skywalker).


Hopefully you have enjoyed this article on Star Wars Blu Ray changes. Most of them come at no surprise to loyal Star Wars fans, because lets face it: George Lucas alters the movies every time he releases them (which is quite often actually). While most of them will certainly not bother most people too much, they are still interesting to look out for while you watch the films. If you find any more Star Wars Blu Ray changes, leave a comment and tell me about them!


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