We all suffer from hyper-acidity or acid reflux and it ranges from severe to moderate. I have been a victim of hyperacidity for several years now. What is acid reflux or heartburn? It is a burning sensation when stomach acids come up the food pipe. A quick remedy is taking antacids which give only temporarily relief. 

Over the years I have had to give up on a lot of food and drinks that I really enjoyed.Recently, it came to a point where I was eating antacids like chocolates and nothing would provide relief even temporarily. That’s when my dear husband stepped in and asked me to try a few home remedies for heartburn that he had heard from a colleague .I tried them and miraculously I haven’t had to take an antacid in several weeks now. Here are five very easy and home remedies for acid reflux cure that can be tried. 

1. Start your morning with black mint tea – This is truly the best method of all the five and hence it grabs the number one slot. Make yourself a cup of black tea with a few mint leaves. Boil water and mint leaves before adding tea. Soak the mixture for five minutes before staining. I never thought I would look forward to my mint tea as much as I do every morning these days. 

2. Make a list of food that generally triggers your acidity – By making a list you are able to omit these foods in your diet till you get a control of your acidity. You can eliminate one food at a time over a period of several days. For me it is bread, milk (no I am not lactose intolerant), cappuccino, a lentil called masur (a popular Indian lentil used to make daal

3. Water usage – Drink a glass of water before every meal and it also gives a sense of fullness and you will not over eat. Water also neutralizes stomach acids. 

4. Set a time for every meal – For people suffering with hyperacidity it is very important that they have all their meals on time. Giving long gaps between foods only adds on to your acidity. Eating on time also ensures you don’t overeat and eat a proper balanced diet. (when hungry, you generally tend to grab anything that is available to eat like chips and cookies) 

5. Add atleast one fiber in one of your meals everyday- Fibrous foods helps keeps motions clear and this means that your will be free from being gassy, bloated and acidic. Whole wheat bread, beans, oats are some examples of fiber rich food. 

Five very easy steps to follow to ensure you don’t have to restrict your eating and drinking. Here’s hoping someone will benefit from this and if something has worked for you please do leave a comment.