5 Steps to Eliminating Junk Email Forever

It doesn't take long to get tired of junk email! I used to hate getting it but since I came up with my own system for using email I haven't received a single junk message in 5+ years. No viagra or scams, and I could never go back!

Go ahead and read through the whole article to see how it's done. A few minutes of work setting it up is easily worth the pleasure of never receiving another junk email. Here's how I did it:

1: Sign up for a cheap web hosting package.
I like Godaddy.com and I use it for this. As of the time I'm writing this, Godaddy will give you a .net domain name for $7 for a year, and they have a free hosting package. Don't worry about the website stuff: you're just going to sign up so that you can an email plan that comes with email forwarders. That's key.

The name of the domain you register will be the second part of your email address. I'd recommend using your name so that you have a personalized site. For example, if your name is Sandra Smith I would register sandrasmith.net. That way your address can be something like sandra@sandrasmith.net.

2: Start fresh with a new main email address as your main address.
If you already get junk with your main address you'll want to start fresh with a new one. Simply decide what you want your main address to be and register it. In the previous step's example, say your name is Sandra Smith and you registered sandrasmith.net. You may want your email address to be sandy@sandrasmith.net or sandra@sandrasmith.net.

Use your web host's site to set up this email address. If you're not super technical make sure you pick a host that offers phone support (again, I like Godaddy because of this). They'll patiently explain everything to you.

3: Create forwarding addresses for everything you need.
This is the real trick behind my method. A forwarding address is like a fake email address that sends email to somewhere else. For example, let's say you shop at Amazon.com a lot. You'll create a forwarder called amazon@sandrasmith.net which will forward any email it receives to your main address.

This allows you to receive email to any address you want without anyone knowing your real email address! This is the key.

Create one of these forwarders for everything: your online banking, email newsletters, your credit card company, forums you're a member of, Facebook... everything.

Explanational diagram4 : Update your forwarders if they're ever compromised.
If your amazon@sandrasmith.net email address is ever compromised or intercepted and junk mail starts going to it, all you have to do is update it. Change it from "amazon" to "amazon2" and you will stop receiving all the mail going to the original address. Since the forwarder (and not your true email address) was receiving the junk, you will be shielded from it and will no longer receive any.

5: Enjoy your new junk-free inbox! (plus some tips)
You'll have to log in to your web host's account area to create a new forwarder once in a while but it should only take a moment. Create a few extra for marketing so that if anyone ever asks for your email address when you're out at a store somewhere you can just give it away.

Only give your true address to friends and family who you will be actually sending email out to. Make sure that these people do not carelessly send your email address out through mass forwards or else your main account could become compromised.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy your new junk mail-free existence!