If you have been struggling to make money online so far, you have come to the right place. This article will teach you to set up an online business with a good foundation which will make you money over and over again, but you will need to be prepared to work for it.

You might have seen many ads already from companies that claim they offer the answer to your money problems, saying that they will make you money fast but when you have fallen for their claims and already dream of your new car and big mansion, all you end up with is making them richer and yourself poorer.

You probably have bought several e-books and found all they are about is making the writer richer and you don’t even get to finish reading them, again, spending your money when most information is readily available for free.

There are a few different ways to make money online, but this blog concentrates mainly on affiliate marketing without having to spend a lot of money to set it up. You will have to be prepared though to put in your time and effort to set up websites or blogs, write content and promote your site.

Playtime is over, you will need to be serious enough to work with focus and concentrate on what really matters, creating unique content and spend most of your time creating organic traffic through search engines.

If you really are serious about your online ventures, you must be willing to set up your strategy.

Many people starting in affiliate marketing get completely overwhelmed with all the information offered online and because they have been reading a lot of different things, they become paralyzed, wanting to do things 100% perfect. What happens though is that they end up discouraged, thinking they will never make it, without giving themselves a real chance of setting up a solid business.

So, you need a strategy and work with that for the first few months, without thinking too much about the details, the most important thing is to take action. There is always plenty of time to tweak and adapt, but you will have to get started today.

1.     Research, research, research your keywords

2.     Pick your preferred stream of income

3.     Set up a website with your preferred stream of income

4.     Create (unique) content

5.     Start promoting your website

Research Your Keywords

This is really important in order to make sure that you start your new project around keywords that will have big potential and enough to be profitable. While this step is the foundation of your whole business, you should not make the mistake to get hung up here and spend forever, without actually getting to the point of creating your website. The Keyword Academy has a wonderful method to do this part of your work and their tool will rapidly show you which keywords will most likely make you money and which ones are a bit harder.

Once you have a big set of keywords, move on and start working with them, rather than always trying to find more!

Picking your preferred stream of income

The two main income sources online are using Adsense or promoting affiliate products. It is really important to choose between either making money using Adsense or promoting affiliate products, although many people that are new to making money online think it is just a matter of slapping different ads and products on their website and just sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

This obviously won’t work, you will have to focus and pre-sell in order for your visitors to either click on your ads or warm them up for your affiliate product before sending them off to the product website you are promoting.

Set up a website

Once you have chosen your income stream, it is important to set up a website or blog focussing on a specific product. Instead of trying to sell something on your own website, you must try to warm up your visitors, offering good information, reviews and personal testimonials, making them understand why it is that they should buy the product you are promoting, and offer them links to the official affiliate product website, already in a positive frame of mind.

Create Unique Content

Creating unique content is really important in order to get your site indexed by the bigger search engines. 20 pages really is the minimum you should set up before starting to promote your website, and once you have started your promotion strategies, you should think of adding more pages on a continuous basis, search engines love fresh content and it will help you to get listed higher for more keywords. While you could get away with writing only 20 articles for your site, these thin sites are likely to be blown away in the future by bigger and more informative sites, so focus on writer a bit more than you would have thought in the beginning. Also, try to keep your site updated, which means keep writing and posting!

Start promoting your website

Now this last step is probably the one where most people fail. After having set up your website, no matter how beautiful and informative, you will need to focus on getting organic traffic through search engines. Forget about buying “unique traffic packages”, these prove to be useless hits to your website so you are only throwing away your money without results.

Your main focus to get organic traffic should be:

  • Guest Posting: Try to start out with writing 1 article a day with 2 links to your site, and post it either through The Keyword Academy or the BMR link building tool.
  • Article submission: You should set a goal of submitting a new article to article directories daily.
  • Link exchange: Try to achieve one link exchange weekly with a related website
  • Social Bookmarking: Using social bookmarking sites are great to get your site indexed fas

I can’t stress the importance of creating organic traffic enough, building links should be your number one priority once you have your website set up, and there are many ways to make your link building strategy easier.

It was only after I fully understood the importance of building links on a daily base, that I started seeing my affiliate pay-checks coming in, but it is probably the most boring part any affiliate marketer has to deal with.

As a result of my struggles to continuously build links, I started checking out different pieces of software and services in order to speed up this process without setting off red flags with the search engines and after trial and testing I am now sticking to 3 different ways to building links daily:

1.     The Keyword Academy

2.     Build My Rank

3.     Creation of Squidoo Lenses


If you are serious about your online business but are on a stretched budget, I would advice you to at least check out some of these tools and memberships. Do not think of it as spending money, you are actually investing in your business and future, and both TKA and BMR proof to be perfect ways to build a great number of varied backlinks, without it costing too much time! Any questions, please feel free to ask me, i am using both services on a daily basis to build my business, and would love to help you!