In order to be successful using keywords in writing a article, the first step is to PONDER what the niche article is going to be about and what keywords or keyword phrasing I'm going use in my article. The keyword tool I use to search for my niche keywords is Google Keyword Tool.

Article niche writing is successful in SEO because it allows you to use many keywords and keyword phrases that pertain to your niche. If you know all your relevant keywords, you can use them in your niche articles.

Following these successful steps in using keywords in your article will allow the niche articles you submit that have your keywords or keyword phrases will get picked up by search engines such that when people search the internet and type in these keywords, your article comes up. You can rank high on search engines for all your keywords through the articles that you write and submit on the internet.

My 5 Successful Steps in Using Keywords in Your Article are listed below:

1. Success Using Keywords in Your Domain Name

When I search on the internet, the number one thing I look for is website that uses keywords in their domain name. Why do I look for these, because these are sites that contain content that I'm interested in reading? Do you realize that every search engine out there uses tags or keywords to search for an article, website, blog, video, mobile, or image, the list goes on and on?

2. Including Keywords in the Title of Article

Don't forget to place your keywords or keyword phrase into your title of your niche article, search engine connect the same keyword title to keyword or keyword phrase content and will rank them high. When I think about it using keywords or keyword phrases it kind of looks like connecting dots, a points to b, and b points to c, and so on.

3. Placement of Keywords in Your Sub-Titles

If you write an article that has sub titles like this article does, definitely input your keywords or keyword phrases into each subtitle of the article. This makes your keyword or keyword phrase stand out more to search engines when they crawl your article that you submitted.

4. Structuring Keywords in each Paragraph of Your article

Adding keywords or your keyword phrase in each of your paragraph of your article, remember not use your keywords more than three times, or search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing will consider this over-stuffing your content.

5. Using Keywords to Name Your Images

Most of the times you will want to add an image or two within your article to add eye appeal remember that you must optimize your images with your keyword or your keyword phrase for search engines to recognize that you have placed an image within your content.

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