How do you know that your boyfriend is interested in you or not? Is there any signs or specific act to find out what is in his mind about you and whether can you do anything to turn his attention towards you. Read on to find what are the signs to know that he will never be interested in you anymore?

You can tell by verbal clues and body language whether your man loves you. He would always be interested in talking with you and taking you for dating and would love to call you hundred times daily. But are there any signals to find out whether he hates you? Yes there is certain cue which would give you a warning signal that he never bothers to care for you.

Calls you by false name

No girl wants his man to call her by her friend’s name. It is the most disrespectful action from a man whom you love. If he calls you by wrong names or just forgotten your name it clearly shows he is not interested in you. You cannot be there in his life anymore. It would be certainly disappointing you. But you can forgive him if he calls you by false name once or twice. If he repeats this for a dozen times then it shows either he wants to avoid you or he wants to let you know that he never loves you.

Not attending your calls

Whenever you call him, he never attends your call. And furthermore he does not bother to call you and say he was busy etc. He dislikes you and wants to avoid you. He does this purposefully and this is one way of letting you know that he is not in your life. So, don’t waste your time by calling him again. It is impossible to convince a man to love you. You have to understand his feelings and be clear that he is not for you.

Do not imagine things that he might be busy on some work or he has left his phone at home. NO it is not true and you are cheating yourself by thinking like this. Better now it is right time to accept the truth and give way for him.

Lack of concern

When you are seriously telling him something which happened to you, he would not bother to listen to you patiently. Either he would be playing with his phone or pretending to read something for hundredth time. If you are expecting good reaction from him after explaining your problem, I am sorry. You will be disappointed. You will get either one word answer or a nod and that’s it. It shows that how much he dislikes you. You may think that he may be lacking expression or something worried him. Even a total stranger would have responded to you well enough if you have recited the incident to him.

Failing to introduce his friends

He will not have introduced even a single friend since last three months you are meeting. It does not mean that he does not have any. He does not want to invite complication to introduce you to his friends. He has already planned to cut your friendship and now searching for right opportunity to express it.

Above all you can find from his body language if he is interested in you. His body will be repulsing in opposite direction when you move near him. All these are surefire signs to suggest that he is no more interested in continuing with you.

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