There are many different types of tools and supplies that different survival kits often include, but are they the right tools to keep you alive and healthy in an emergency situation? While there are many parts of wilderness survival that experts disagree on, there are many tools that all experts agree should be utilized in a quality survival kit. So without any further wait, if you're putting together your own wilderness survival kit, make sure you have these 5 tools that you may not (literally) be able to live without in an emergency situation.

Emergency kit tool #1: The knife. While a pocket knife in good shape can be okay, have a good hunting knife like a Buck knife, if at all possible. The knife has been considered the ultimate survival tool for centuries, and that's not going to change any time soon. A good knife can be used as a weapon, can make weapons, shelter, signal rescue, start a fire, gather kindling, catch food, among many other uses. Nothing tops a good knife.

Tool #2: Tin or metal cup. This might not be the sexiest pick, but a tin cup isn't just for gathering water, the metal can be heated to kill microbes in the water, or this can be made to make a tea from pine needles.

Tool #3: Fishing line. Not only can fishing line be used to catch dinner, but it can be used to lash wood, bark, or fronds together to create a shelter. Fishing line can also be used to set snares or to repair torn clothing.

Tool #4: Fire starter. This could be flint and steel if the person is experienced using it, it could be multiple water proof matches, or even a magnifying glass (worst choice of the three) but you will want something that can help you start a fire. A fire is warmth, it scares of predators, and it lets you boil water or cook food - or signal for rescue.

Tool #5: Trash bags. They can be folded down to take up virtually no space, can catch rain, work as a poncho, wind proof shelters, catch morning dew, or provide a variety of other uses.

There you are. Five great tools and resources that no emergency wilderness survival kit should be without.