Survive the Family Get Together With These Fast and Easy Rules



The Family Get Together: a time of thanksgiving, gift giving, and spending time
with those you love most. It’s also one of the times in your life when you are
most likely to have a nervous breakdown. Whether it’s the holidays, a family
reunion, a death in the family, or just a night in with your extended family,
here are some tips to help you maintain your sanity.



Beer and wine are holiday standards but more than a few Whiskey Sours or Long Island Ice Teas liquor bottlesCredit: pixabay.comcan be a bit much even for seasoned drinkers. It’s hard enough to hold your tongue when you feel insulted under normal conditions. Mix in some Highballs and the situation becomes quite combustible; more than a few memorable family moments have been made this way. So although drinking at parties is a time honored activity it should always be done responsibly and in moderation. And even if you do rip into or get smacked around by a few schnockered relatives, always remember blood is thicker than water (and alcohol).



Are you constantly barraged with requests to try food cooked by people who should’veDinner(87614)Credit:
stopped cooking years ago? Sure we’ve all been there.  What to do? Feel free to bring something a bit more palatable for yourself. Just make sure that there is enough to go
around. At the same time be sure to ‘sample’ a little bit of everyone else’s food. Once your plate is full, go to your seat and start eating the good stuff. However, once you’re finished and heading to the trash can, you may run into
the relative who made that Ambrosia salad you’ve never liked. Try to deflect their attention from the Styrofoam plate in your hand with some small talk. A minor complement about the person’s spouse (or lack thereof) could do the trick; anything to keep their eyes on you and not your plate. And if the other person does inquire as to why you didn’t like the ‘family classic’, then be honest. Don’t shy away or, cower. Smile warmly and say that you have never really been
a fan of some key ingredient in the dish’s recipe.  Then run.



No matter how well you prepare for the pressure cooker that is the family get togetheremergency kit(87615)Credit:
there are always surprises; medical emergencies are always a possibility and in an age of blackberries and IPhones calling 911 is easy. What to do when Uncle
Ivan drops before the paramedics arrive is another matter entirely. A good tip from most health professionals is to learn CPR, or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. This is relatively easy to
learn, simple to apply, and just might save the life of someone you love (or tolerate).




In every life situation there are things that frustrate, annoy, pester, peeve, andstay cool!Credit:
irk us. But as much as we would like to throw the overcooked ham at the wall, or smack some sense into an offending relative, doing so is usually a bad idea.
Of course you shouldn’t be afraid to defend yourself when your over-tattooed, leather clad female cousin starts in on how slutty your skirt is. But yelling at an inebriated uncle for passing gas can only make things worse. If you feel like you’re going to attack someone with a frying pan try stepping outside the house for a bit. Take a deep breath, count to ten, try to think of the last joke you heard; anything to take your mind off
the things that frustrate you.



From the last minute shopping, to the late night wrapping, to the early morningget some downtimeCredit:
cooking, all while feeding the kids and dressing the husband, you shouldn’t forget to get in some time to relax. Tension and frustration can wreck that casserole
you plan to make and steal the fun out of any family get together. Try setting aside an hour or two to just sit in an easy chair and relax. Or how about this: try sending the husband off to the movies with the kids for a few hours. Cooking your favorite dish is much easier in a quiet household.