Tips to fight Cholesterol

Everyone knows that when cholesterol is too high increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is because in general, excess cholesterol tends to settle on the walls of the heart arteries. It is when the blood does not  circulate  well , which can cause thrombosis or even heart attack .


No cholesterol



What you should know is that to lower your cholesterol, there are simple steps to be taken daily. Generally , it is just about being careful with your diet. For example, lowering the consumption of fat, can rapidly bring down your cholesterol.

So if you want to fight against cholesterol , you can do it just by changing your eating habits,So here are five tips to help you lower your cholesterol .

Fish , your best friend

Experts suggest eating lots of fish is a great idea when we have high cholesterol. This is because the fish are products rich in Omega 3. You should know that omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated and they lead to lower cholesterol. Keep in mind that they help you to lower blood pressure and also they prevent the risk of having a heart attack .fish(89789)

Consider eating fish at least twice a week.Make sure to give priority to fish rather than stews. Always remember that red meat contain bad fats.

If you do not have much time to cook a nice oily fish, remember that you can also choose tuna or canned sardines.

Finally, make sure that fish is often accompanied by good vegetables or some rice . These pads are very low in calories and therfore good for your health.

Fish oil

So below we have Dr. Owen R. Thompson telling us the importance of fish oil a natural supplement without prescription that helps us to lower cholesterol .

He also explain us that it is not just taking the pills enough to lower cholesterol but is also important to have a lifestyle change , follow the doctor medications , but aslo is very important to follow a particular diet .So make sure to take a look at it .

Choose the right fat to eat

Obviously, the choice of fat to consume is essential especially when you have high level of cholesterol . For example, you should eat vegetable oils butter that comes from animal origin. When cooking your meals, avoid it and instead made ??the choice to use vegetable oils like rapeseed oil, sunflower oil or olive oil.Butter(89790)

If you find palm oil in the supermarkets, the advice is not to buy it . Yes, if the oil is in the air , it is known to be high in bad fats. Compared to other types of oil, it should be noted that palm oil contains more than 50% saturated fatty acids that are devastating for health.So keep it in mind.

Try to avoid the butter. The ideal is to consume a margarine that contains less than 17% saturated fat. These fats are harmful to health and remember that they can also be found in cheese, sour cream or meats.

Saturated and unsaturated fat

Here we have a girl that explain us a little bit about cholesterol in our diet and the importance of saturated and unsaturated fat , she also suggest a couple of fruits and other foods that help us to lower our cholesterol level such as : nuts , seeds , vegetable oils , spears ,oats , beans ,peas lentils , chickpeas


Prevent yourself from cookies and Greek yogurt

Generally, all dairy products are rich in fats and "poor" ( healthy speaking ) . So when your cholesterol level tends to go up, you should avoid anything that is cheese, butter or cream.

Sometimes even some yogurts can be bad for cholesterol. Of course, it is always notnatural yogurt or those with 0% fat. The dairy preparations that can really affect your health if you abuse it are the Greek yogurt . Indeed, these products are too high of bad fat.Yoplait

A yogurt containing more than 2% of saturated fat is not at all advisable.

On cookies, we must know that the danger is that we do not always realize they are high in fat. In some cases, these fats are also very bad because it is the hydrogenated palm oil. So again, be sure to check the composition of the cookies that you buy and check the type of fat used.

Exercise to lower your cholesterol

You understood it, to fight against bad cholesterol, the main solution is on the plate. We must be careful about what we eat in order to lower your cholesterol . exercise(89792)

However, it should also be noted that the fight against cholesterol may also go through "Physical Activity". By practicing some exercise every day, it is possible to reduce your cholesterol. It also helps to lower hypertension ( blood pressure ) .

In addition, moving a little every day can prevent diabetes or being overweight.The advice is to spend at least half-hour a day.