Opinions are like brains. Everybody has one (even if it does happen to be so small that they couldn't kill themselves with it if it was comprised entirely of plastic explosives). So when your friend texts you about this new reality TV show that you absolutely HAVE to watch--for the third time this week--you take it with a grain of salt. After all, how many people really find true love on a reality show?  

(pause here and listen to dramatic silence...)


But surprisingly, this tiny, rather annoying realization hasn't caused you to abandon all hope in Hollywood, otherwise you wouldn't have searched the all-knowing Internet in hopes of finding a show that interests you...also, you wouldn't be reading this article. Since you are, though, I'd like to take this opportunity to share my opinion (which, I might add, comes from a brain that actually might be large enough to kill me) and clue you in on a few TV shows that you might actually want to watch! Isn't that nice of me? Yep, but don't mention it...that's my job.

Starting with my current favorite, here's a quick lineup of some interesting (non-reality) TV shows.


1. Dual Survival.

2. Leverage

3. The Walking Dead

4. Justified

5. Supernatural


Like I said, it's a quick list! How much time do you really think I spend watching TV? (Wait, maybe you shouldn't answer that. I might not like your response...) Anyway, I'm going to pause here before going further--if you don't really care for my opinion, then stop reading now. I'm sure you're a grown person who is completely capable of researching these shows yourself and compiling your own thoughts on how much time you'd like to spend on them. But if you're bored--or love the idea that someone did the heavy lifting for you, please, be my guest! Read on, fellow curious kitten.


1. Dual Survival

Network: Discovery Channel

Air Time: Tuesdays, 8 PM CT (at time of article publishing)

Rated: TV14 for language and occasional violence

It's pretty simple. Cody Lundin and Joe Teti) reenact real survival scenarios, teaching viewers life-saving techniques along the way. Whether it's a desert in Africa or snow caves in Siberia, these guys will teach you how to survive with little or no resources--or they'll die trying.

Pros: Cody and Joe are awesome, I've only watched half of a season and already I've learned a ton of cool stuff (plus they claim you get a stamp on your man-card for every episode you watch...however that works; I wouldn't know because I'm female and have no need of such ego-boosting gimmicks).

Cons: These dudes have a tendency to quarrel like teenage girls.


2. Leverage

Network: TNT

Air Time: Tuesdays, 2 AM CT (at time of article publishing)

Rated: TVPG for language and violence

Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys--Nathan Ford's team (comprised of a hacker, a hitter, a thief, a grifter, and an awesome mastermind) work around the clock, picking up where the law left off in order to help little people and businesses get even with those who wronged them.

Pros: Original concept, good script with a great mixture of action, adventure, and comedy.

Cons: Well...they're con artists! That's the whole point of the show. No, seriously--the only con is that sometimes it can be a smidge unbelievable, but hey, it's TV, right?


3. The Walking Dead

Network: AMC

Air Time: Sundays, 8 PM CT (at time of article publishing)

Rated: TV14 for drama, some sensuality, and guts...lots of guts.

Police Officer Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to discover that the world has been overrun by the walking dead, and the group of survivors who take him into their fold begin looking up to him to lead them through this newfound hell. To top it off, now they not only have to fear the dead--but fight the living as well.

Pros: It's a zombie show. There's plenty of guns, guts, and glory.

Cons: It's a zombie show. The guns and guts kinda overrun the need for an intricate plot. So there really isn't much of one.


4. Justified

Network: FX

Air Time: Tuesdays, 10 PM CT (at time of article publishing)

Rated: TV14 for drama, language, violence, and sexuality (only in season 1, I believe)

Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant with a dirty south drawl) does what Deputy US Marshalls do. He fights crime...just with a little of his own flair. Read that: bigger guns and witty one-liners. I just started the series (way late, I may add) so I don't know much about it, except that this season he's running against dirty politics and big-city gangsters. And that he doesn't like it when people don't say please. Not that I blame him...

Pros: It's a good cop show, good plot so far as I can tell.

Cons: The premise seems kinda typical.


5. Supernatural

Network: TNT

Air Time: Weekdays, 11 Am, 12 PM, 1 PM CT (at time of article publishing)

Rated: TV14 for drama, language, and violence

Brothers Dean and Sam Winchester tour the United States in their '67 Impala, investigating and eradicating the paranormal and supernatural; kicking evil's butt (the downside is, evil kicks back...hard.)

Pros: Original idea, witty scripting, good investigative action.

Cons: Sometimes the writers get folklore mixed up a bit, not really a big deal.


So that's it--five TV shows you might actually want to watch. Pretty nifty, yeah? Uh-huh. I'm gonna stop tooting my own horn now, and end with one tiny request.

Drop a comment if you would, I'd like to know what you think about the shows!