When you're in a long term committed union with someone, nothing can change everything like the infidelity of a loved one. If you're worrying whether or not your spouse is faithful and you want to know how to catch a cheating spouse, here's a list to help you.

There's no guarantees that you partner is cheating on you if her or his actions fit the list below, but you should consider this as a warning sign.

  1. Has your partner suddenly started to take more care with their appearance? Are they more interested with how they look and what they wear? Are they suddenly interested in getting fit? Again, none of these things means that your partner is having an affair or is interested in having one, but these changes coupled with other changes could be a warning sign of an incoming problem.
  2. Is your spouse suddenly more concerned about privacy when they're on the phone or online? If they used to openly carry on conversations and they suddenly have to leave the room when they talk on the phone that could be an indication that they are saying something they don't want you to hear.
  3. Does your partner seem uninterested in sex. During any long term relationship sexual appetites will vary and that is perfectly normal. Many times fatigue and pressure will play a factor in a lower interest in sex, so if your lover isn't interested in sex don't just accuse them of cheating, take everything into consideration such as financial pressure, job stress, family stress, etc. If, on the other hand, there isn't anything uncommon ( or at least anything that you know about) and your spouse still doesn't seem interested in having sex with you, this could be a problem.
  4. Is your partner suddenly a lot more attentive to you? Do they send you gifts or flowers for no apparent reason? If this isn't their normal behavior, it's likely that they're doing to hide something that they are feeling guilty of. You need to figure out what it is.
  5. Does your partner suddenly start using different language or terms? Are they suddenly talking about new interests like music or books that they've never shown an interest in before? If this happens ask them where they've heard of these new things. If they've picked them up from a friend, they'll tell you. If, on the other hand, they say they've just heard it 'somewhere' or give you some other vague answer you are probably smart to be a little suspicious.

I wish nobody would have to deal with this kind of situation, ever, but it happens all the time. So if you do, these tips will give you a great place to start when searching for the truth.

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