Top 5 Cool Tattoo Designs and Ideas

So if you want to be awesome, and you know that IT IS definitely tattoo time, then stop looking at tattoo designs and ideas and just get one of these cool tattoos. What are you waiting for? Why do you spend time wondering about the tattoos on celebrities like Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, or Demi Lovato? Are you really going to be cool in three years sporting a Harry Potter tattoo? C’mon! Dig out some money from your savings, whip out the MasterCard, take out a payday loan, or whatever you need to do -- just get one of these tattoos today! If you choose one of these cool designs, you will never need laser tattoo removal! You don’t have to go to NY Ink or fly down to Miami, just go to your local tattoo parlor, talk to your tatt artist, and get your awesome tattoo started right now.

So there are some cool tattoos that are above and beyond the best designs ideas ever. This is the list! These tattoos are guaranteed to make awesome in-roads all over your life! They will make strangers do a double-take, they will impress your friends, and be magnetic for your sweetie! It's a recipe for a greatness -- on a non-food website! Take it up a notch, Emeril! BAM, put one of these pigs on your magic flesh... and see your world go special-special!


  • The Horse tattoo

Horses, mustangs, colts, thoroughbreds... Yeah the horse is a bad-ass beast mammal. They are w5 Tattoo Designs That Will Make You AwesomeCredit: Wikipedia Commonsarriors, racers, stallions, and huge animals with immense spirits. They run like the wind,and can be fierce, but can also be seen as angelic and float upon the clouds. Horses look amazing as tattoos in close profiles, full galloping silhouettes, and much more. Lots of room for creativity here! A horse tattoo says “I like nature, the raw power of animals, I like to go fast, and I can talk to beasts of the wild!” All pretty awesome concepts, right? (One little accidental forehead horn, and you made a dumb unicorn - so be careful!)

  • Snake tattoo

So slithering reptiles like snakes, with their crazy curves and lines, with or without the beady eyes and the split tongue make pretty cool tattoos. They can be coiled up about to strike, they can wind around your arm, leg, or back and visually seem to move around the human form. They can be coy and tempting (think Garden of Eden), fighting warrior wild snakes, exotic and sensual images or anything in between. Pretty cool. A snake tattoo says “I’m kinda cold blooded, and happy about that.”

  • Jesus tattoos

Your body is your temple -- it is the canvas of your life and your life story -- and you want to make room on your body canvas for a snapshot of your savior. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is a solid choice for a tattoo because it lets everyone know that you know what’s important to you. If you’re Christian, Catholic, or just a fan - it’s a way of saying “When it’s all over - maybe ashes to ashes, dust to dust, but I know who’s in charge!”

  • Grim Reaper tattoo

If you’re one of these people with nine lives like a freakin' cat, who had some VERY close calls, and probably should already be six feet under some daisies, this one is for you! Grim Reaper tattoos say “I’ve already faced death more than once, not really afraid to die, and please let me know when it’s my time, dude!” 

  • Tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos get a bad rap from all the drunks who stumble in for a late night inking, choose a stock tribal image, and then cry the whole time the ARTIST is working! The idea behind a tribal tattoo is cool - we belong to something ancient - a tribe, group, family, lineage, village, and this is my MARK that shows I am awesome. All you have to do is be original - your own tribal design, or custom in the shop, -- that's all you need to make it unique and cool. Tribal says “too cool for words, and if you don’t know what this design or symbol stands for  - then you don’t get to ask!”

The Summary that Helps Make You Awesome

Put these tattoos on your arm, your back, your thigh -- it doesn’t matter! You can even do these as matching tattoos with a friend, buddy, sweetie, or someone you’ve gone through hell and back with. If you already have a bunch of crap inked on your body -- go get some laser tattoo removal NOW, and make some room for the coolness of these five designs! Do you really need the name of your seventh-grade girlfriend as a tattoo that you got "fixed" so that it was turned into a "cloud of danger", that now looks like a piece of crap. Do you really want that ink blotch on you five years from now, when you could have one of these horse, snake, Jesus, Grim Reaper, or tribal tattoos rocking your daily bliss!

OneMillionTattoosCredit: AmazonEvery tattoo artist is unique so even with the same general ideas your ink will be special in its design, and cool on your body. Now go out there, be awesome, and show people your new tattoo!


The Before/After Tattoo Time Post Script:

P.S. Dear Uncool People, Sorry you didn't get one of these great tattoos. Maybe you don't understand what we're getting at here. You're search is over... these are the tattoo design ideas that you have been searching for! Get your new tattoo, dude (or dudette!) Don't spend your money on some dumb stuff at the mall that you don't really need, spend it on some quality ink that will make you stand out in a crowd! A big crowd. A massive crowd of people not as AWESOME as you!