Times have changed and we become more and more dependent on technology and gadgets. Most of us are relying on certain items to get in touch with family and friends as we live in times we do not have so much time meet up with close ones. Some people’s jobs are connected with a lot of travelling and mobile phones and laptops are necessity nowadays, not luxury.

On the other hand, we are so busy and overwhelmed today with the pace that the good old times with a book on the couch faded away. We tend to read on the go, in the bus, on the underground while commuting to work. Others rely on the TV to get the some information about the current affairs in the world or just to entertain themselves. 

Technology gadgets

Mobile phone

Can you imagine a world without a mobile phone? Don’t you feel naked when you forget your mobile somewhere and when you do so you are a little bit panicked? On the market nowadays, you can find great variety of mobile phone, which allow you to use many applications to be in touch with your friends and family. You can use Skype, Facebook and Twitter to be in to communicate and when you cannot do it, you wonder what to do.


Sometimes you have so much work and you feel thankful that we can have a laptop to do our work on the go. Laptops are immensely helpful when you need to do some work and especially when your job is connected with travelling it is so useful to open your laptop and do your job immediately. Recent laptops are extremely mobile and it became a necessity to put your laptop in your travel bag.


There are so many cheap tablets you can purchase and have a tablet at hand all the time. Extremely helpful, light, and powerful tablets are great companions in everyday life. They are like a mini laptop but lighter and mobile so they become as a regular item in your bag.


“I wish I had more time to read” – many people say with disappointment. Now it is possible to read on the bus or in the underground. Not only that Kindle provides an amazing opportunity to have your favourite books with you all the time, but also it gives you the chance to purchase them cheaper than the paper ones.


Although I have never been a fan of the TV, I feel that the TV still is the main source of entertainment and receiving information. Moreover, what about all the movies, science programs you can watch and learn a lot every day. Recent HD TV sets are amazing. You can enjoy you favourite shows in a great quality with your family and friends.  

It doesn’t matter if you like technology or not, it became a part of our lives. People have never thought that they will become so dependent on gadgets and technology but what’s the good thing about that, technology makes our live easier and more enjoyable.