Teenage Christmas GiftsCredit: Bigstockphoto


Teenagers are notoriously difficult to shop for. They have strong opinions, likes, and dislikes. But trying to get them to share those with the adults in their life can be difficult. This can make thinking of teenage gift ideas, whether for a birthday, holiday, or graduation, like shopping in a minefield. You are never sure which gift will be a winner and which will be tossed aside. If you are in need of gift ideas for a teenager in your life, but don’t want to resort to the standard gift card or cash, here are some ideas that can be given for any holiday, birthday, or graduation, will be memorable and make a  positive impact in a teenager’s life.

Magazine Subscription

Find out what the teen’s passions and interests are and foster their interests with a magazine subscription. Think beyond Seventeen or Cosmo to something a little more meaningful and fulfilling and buy a one or two-year subscription to a magazine that will expand their knowledge on a favorite subject or career interest. Some magazine subscriptions to consider are Time, National Geographic, Gardening, or Outdoor Photographer. If fashion and beauty or video games are really all the teenager on your shopping list has on his or her mind, then seek out a trade or association magazine for those working in that field.

Stocks and Bonds

This teenage gift idea will hopefully increase in value and may trigger an interest in financial planning. Think gift certificate that earns with a stock or bond purchase. If your teen has asked for gift cards to their favorite clothing store, buy stocks to that clothing retailer  instead. OneShare.com and FrameAStock.com allow you to buy single shares of stocks and get the certificate to give as a wrapped present. Sharebuilder.com and Zecco.com allow you to buy stocks without a minimum account balance. Some companies, such as Disney, also have direct stock purchase plans.

Museum or Park Tickets

If your teenager has an interest in art, wildlife, or even roller coasters, then give tickets, a season pass, or an annual pass to a local museum, zoo, or amusement park. Also, most museums, zoos, and other such locations have regular seminars on various topics given by experts and even behind the scene tours or encounters. Check the location’s website to find upcoming lectures, special events, or other opportunities and buy your teen a couple of tickets. For a bigger gift, you could spring for a yearly membership to the museum or park. For the teen that loves the outdoors, buying them a federal annual park pass or fishing license.

Performing Art Tickets

If you know your teen’s musical favorites then concert tickets are sure to be a big hit. To expand their experiences with the performing arts, buy tickets to an upcoming play or musical. If it's within your budget, buy season tickets to the local theater.

Some Time With You

Schedule a day or even a weekend to spend with your teen. The gift is that your teen gets to pick the activity and you will pay all costs and arrange transportation. As part of the present, allow your teenager to not only pick the activity, but also schedule the entire day from breakfast to dinner.

It's true that some teens may not see the true value in some of these teenage gift ideas right away. However with maturity and wisdom, they’re sure to look back and see any one of these as one of the best gifts they ever received.