Die HardCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_HardThe 80's were a magical time, chock full of unique music, embarrassing dance moves, and of course, Oscar worthy performances by some of the most relevant action stars of the period. With this seeming modern-day Renaissance, it's no wonder that there were so many cult classic movies created. In fact, I find myself revisiting a lot of the action flicks that were meticulously crafted throughout the decade, oftentimes enjoying each movie more than I did the previous time watching it.

As an avid viewer of 80's action flicks, I decided to compile a quick, simple list of 5 of my most favorite. 

1. Aliens

Sure, the first Alien movie was a tough one to top. But Aliens had a fantastic story, a stellar cast, and plenty of action to catch up on that the previous movie somewhat lacked. Combining a group of battle-hardened, tough as nails interstellar marines, Sigourney Weaver, and plenty of acid spitting antagonists, this movie was a recipe for success from the moment it was conceived.

2. The Terminator

The forerunner of the legendary franchise, The Terminator contained a storyline that to this day is a paradox. When you sit down and try to think about that fact that if Kyle Reese was never sent back to protect Sarah Connor, then the very man who sent him back would not have existed? My brain just exploded. Now, Arnold was by far the best pick for this role. With an overly inflated body and robot-like demeanour, he represented the cyborg hunter to a "T", while Michael Biehn who played Kyle Reese was as likable as any hero protector could have been. 

3. First Blood

What would any 80's movie list be without a Stallone flick? While Cobra tends to be my favorite ridiculous action movie featuring Stallone, I felt obligated to include First Blood. Featuring the commonly portrayed silent killing machine with a dark past character, First Blood had all the elements of a cult classic. Blood, one-liners, and sweaty muscles - Who could ask for more?

4. Die Hard

Coming in at the end of the decade, Die Hard is just a beautiful example of cinematic action perfection. Featuring the ruthless foreign antagonist that seemingly exhibits humanistic qualities while really being a sadistic murderer, and the hero who is facing overwhelming odds, it still holds up today. Not only did it have an action packed plot and plenty of memorable scenes, but it spawned some wonderful one-liners, most of which I can't repeat here. In short, It’s no wonder there have been 17 sequels. 

5. Commando

Yep, Arnold is back in this bloody over-the-top action movie. Taking a cue from Rambo, John Matrix is a retired Special Forces operative for the army who is living in secret with his daughter. However, things quickly turn sour when the bad guys who he screwed over in the days when he was active track him down and kidnap her. Worst idea ever. Not only does Mr. Matrix get even, but he blows up half of Los Angeles and stacks up a mound of corpses on an island before he is through.