Let's face it, no one likes taking tests and if you do then I'd go have yourself checked out. Half the mindset for me before a test is in a state of nervousness and it definitely affects my performance, and its something I had to work hard on to overcome. Luckily the way of the social web has made online education a little more easy to handle and maintain, especially in the area of tests and exams.

I've opted out for the traditonal eduation route and have started to get my bachelor degree from an online college. Now I didn't know what to expect really but I knew that a lot more work would be required, especially in the area of organizing and preparation. After my first couple of tests I quickly realized that I needed some extra help and since I didn't have classmates to rely on, I had to head out into the web to find something. Surprisingly there are a lot of amazing social media sites geared towards education, and luckily for me a few that are geared towards preparing you for exams.

Social media and social networks usually are a free environment, but found that some of the test prep sites did cost a litle money. Some of them even provided tutors online that made sure you kept improving which is brilliant in my books. Having someone helping you along the way and keeping you accountable can go a long way in actually providing positive results towards your education.

So finally let's get down to business and let me show you students what is out there that can help you in your test preparation both in the free and paid categories. Some of the paid social sites are really worth it, and even though I'm giving a strong endorsement I am in no way affiliated with any of these websites. I've just been obsessed with finding cool tools to help me survive the online university world and make sure I get out alive...and not so broke either.

1) Cramberry.com


Flash cards are still one of the best ways to break your mind into a mold of pure facts and statistics. It is pretty obvious that you'd find a site like this already to take your brain and beat it into submission. The social aspect brings in a whole new level of learning thanks to the thousands of premade flash cards already on the site. Cramberry is the site and flash cards is its game, and they have just about every bloody subject covered. SAT, GRE, Biology, Religion, Math you name it.

Perhaps the best feature of this site is that it has its own iPhone app! You can literally take your flash cards anywhere and be studying which could be the park, the bus and yes even while you're conducting business on the toilet.

2) ExamProfessor.com

Exam Professor

Exam Professor is a handy tool that takes practice tests to a whole new level. So what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks can you do with this partially free web app? Well Exam Professor lets you create tests of any sort and easily make them embeddable into any website or app. Embedding makes for easy sharing with your classmates, even the ones who don't want to study. Force a practice test down their throat by hounding them on Facebook with it!

I hinted that this web application wasn't totally free which happens to be the case here. You get to create one exam free and then the pricing plans kick in for anything more. The pricing is pretty damned cheap because they know students can't afford much, so think about sharing an account with a friend or two. They have a handful of plan options but to give you an example, $9/month will get you 25 exams and $99/month will allow you to do unlimited exams.

3) Vocaber.com


Vocaber is a tool I use often and I recommend it to just about anyone I meet in my online education travels. I'm somewhat scared of the rapid rate at which we are not expanding our vocabulary. Anyone who has taken an English major(clearly not I), or anyone who's taken the SAT's will know how important ones vocabulary is. Vocaber is essentially a game that focuses on tactics that will make sure your brain retains the vocabulary you're learning. It is done by retesting you on words after progressively larger and larger intervals, allowing words to move from short term memory into long term memory.

4) Examville.com


A somewhat new kid on the block is Examville and it has quickly become not only my favourite new test prep app, but my most used. Let's start off with the fact that Examville is free and for the amount of tools and content available it just blows my mind. This fully featured website is stacked with thousands of online practice tests, a educational content rich Q/A section, study guides uploaded by other users and you can watch live classes!

5) Prepme.com


Prep Me is one of the web applications that costs a fee but comes with a guarantee that you just can't beat. If you do not raise your score after actually preparing and studying hard with this tool, you can get your full money back! None of the other test prep sites that cost money will give you that promise.

Since Prep Me costs money you luckily get access to real live human tutors who are there to make sure you improve. They're motivated to see you succeed and make sure they get paid, so it's a win win situation. You can make this work around your schedule as well which is a bonus if you have a hectic school life.