Being a boss is not easy. It requires working long hours even after your employees have gone home. No matter how you may feel on a given day, it is your responsibility to make sure that your they are performing to the best of their best. Even if you are having personal problems, you have to clear your mind while you are at work. You also have the responsibility of keeping your superiors and stockholders happy. Many bosses are workalcholics and become stressed out and experience health problems. Many bosses are constantly trying to think of ways to motivate their workers. These are five things you can do to motivate your employees:

Create A Vision

A boss must create a realistic vision for his company and employees. You must show them how you are going to go from Plan A to Plan B. Your employees have different levels of talent and you must identify what their strengths and weaknesses are. Just like in team sports, some of them will be superstars and others will be bench players. When you are creating a vision for your company, you should consider their abilities. After you do this, talk and more importantly, listen to each employee one-on-one. You should tell them in a straightforward manner what you expect from them on a daily basis. If you do this, your they will have a clear understanding of what you expect from them.  There will be no excuses if they do not meet your expectations.

Motivate Your Workers

As a boss, you have to find out what motivates your workers. Some of them are motivated by money and others may be motivated by recognition. Sometimes, a simple "I appreciate your work" will motivate a worker to do an even better job. The best way to find out what motivates them is to have a conversation with them. The conversation could be about an article in the newspaper,or maybe the weather. If you are truly listening, you will eventually get a general idea of what motivates them. If your motivational efforts are not working, then it may be time to tell that employee that to move on. No matter how hard you try, some employees will never give you a maximum effort.

Communicate Effectively

No matter how well you communicate(or think you communicate with your workers), you can always improve. Effective communication is very important because you can not motivate your employees if they do not understand what you want. In extreme cases of miscommunication, they may cost your company unnecessary money because you did not communicate with them effectively. As a boss, if you think your communication skills could use some improvement,then you may want to take a speech class. Contact your local community college. The time and money spent on this class will be worth it and you will become a more effective boss.

Trust Your Employees

Once you have trained your them for their specific job, you should trust them to do it.  Employees resent it when their boss constantly look over their shoulder. An employee may not do a project the way you would, but let them do it. Just because you are the boss, it does not mean that you know everything. The employee may have a better, more cost efficient way of doing the project. They are more likely to do a better job if they know you trust them.

Do Not Take Your Job Too Seriously

Do not forget that there is a world outside of your company. If you find yourself being less patient and tolerant of your employees, then it may be time to take a vacation. You have worked hard and you deserve a chance to get away. Give your mind a break and walk on the beach, or read some books, or play your favorite sport. When you return, you will be a better boss because your mind and body will be well rested.

In order to be an effective boss, you should have a clear vision for your employees. Find out what motivates them. Effectively communicate with them and trust your employees. Make sure that you do not let your job stress you out. Look out for your mental and physical well-being. Give your employees credit for the work they have done. No boss can run a successful company by themselves. If you do these 5 things, then you will increase the odds that your employees will be more productive.