Many employees want to get promoted and but do not know what is necessary to get promoted. They see people move up in the company and wonder, why was it not me? Some think that you have to be buddies with your boss to get ahead. This is not necessary to advance in your career. You should always operate in the workplace with honor and integrity. The following tips can help increase your chances of getting a promotion:

Be Professional At All Times

Be sure to show up at work on time every day. This builds trust with your boss and shows that you are dependable. Why would he or she cosider you for a promotion if you cannot consistently show up to work on time? If you feel the need to wake up 30 minutes early, then do so. Make sure that you dress appropriately for work. If your job requires you to wear a suit and tie, then make sure that they are neat. This will be taken into consideration when it comes time to promote someone. Also, if a client comes to visit your workplace and sees you dressed in a substandard manner, it is a bad reflection on you and the company. You must always remember that you are a representative of your company. If your supervisor tells you to do something, do it and do not complain. Always treat your co-workers with respect.

Give Your Best Effort

When you show up to work, give your best effort. Your are expected to give your maximum effort and you should not disappoint your supervisor. You will not be seen in a favorable light if you do not give your best at your current position. If you do not work hard, you are cheating yourself and your employer. Your co-workers will also notice and will resent you. Your lazy work habits will eventually made their jobs harder. Do your best at all times.

Take Pride In Your Work

If you take pride in your work, people will take notice.  You will earn a reputation for doing great work. Your boss will know that he or she can depend on you. He or she will be more likely to give you an opportunity to perform more important projects. If you perform a project on time, your boss will be impressed. If your task is done right the first time, then you are more likely to be assigned on something that you enjoy.

Develop A Partnership With Your Boss

You and your boss want the best for your company. Both of you should both work together to help your company prosper. Sit down and ask him or her what you specifically have to do to get a promotion. Take your employee evaluations seriously. Try to strengthen your weaknesses and have the courage to take constructive criticism. For example, if your evaluation says that your communication skills could use some improvement, then attend a speech class at your local community college. Your improved communication skills will increase your chances of getting a promotion. If a problem comes up on a project that you are working, on solve it on your own if you can. If you finish a project early, ask if you can help with something else. If a project requires some extra time to finish, stay after regular work hours if you can. Your boss will appreciate your efforts and will see that you are making their job easier.

Promote Yourself

You can be the greatest employee in the world, but what good is it if people do not know it? Do not be shy about talking about your achievements. This is your career and if you do not promote it, then why should anyone else? If you have won an award, let your co-workers know about it. If your work on a project has saved the company, let people know about it. Many employees mistakenly believe that all they have to do is a good job and go home. You do not want to think like this because you are trying to get promoted. Most of the time, doing a good job is not enough. It also requires you to develop good relationships in the workplace. 

If you follow these five steps, you will increase your chances of gaining a promotion. You should make sure that you show up early and ready to work hard. You should dress and act professionally at all times. Take pride in your work. Try and develop a good relationship with your boss, and talk up your achievements as much as possible.

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