Professor Teaching


Every year millions of young people go off to college.  Many with dreams of the future filled with exciting careers, big houses and fancy cars.   For many students this is their first time away from home and it’s often difficult for them to be disciplined enough to have fun and be serious about their education at the same time.  As they head out all of the country and the world to begin this new adventure there are Professors waiting to help them on that path.  Here is a list of 5 things the Professor at your new college wish you knew:


  1. 1.       Professors do not want to fail you.  Students often have a poor attitude and neglect to do the work when they find it to be difficult.  Professors inform students at the beginning of the course of the hours they are available to assist them (office hours).  I remember a professor telling me one time that office hour had become their break time because no students ever come by to get assistance.  They are there for you because they want to see you do well.
  2. 2.      They notice your efforts.  Teachers will often grade leniently or give extra credit to help students that are trying hard but still not performing as well.  Professors are well aware of the students that are giving it their best every day.  These are the students that will end up with at least a “C” if they continue to come to class. 
  3. 3.      Come to Class.  You are paying your money for the education.  You might as well come to class and do the work.  Many students have failed classes because of their absences.  Late night parties and binge drinking has caused many students to miss classes and lose scholarships.  Most students are going to be paying back Student Loans for years to come so don’t waste your time and money.  If you have some emergency circumstances that will cause prolonged absence; sit down with your professor and let them know.  Most professors will gladly work with you.
  4. 4.      We know you are cheating.  Although some of the classes are pretty large in size, by looking at the other assignments that are being turned in, we know when you’ve cheated.  The student that barely passes their other assignments but gets an A on every test is probably cheating.  By the way, they read that same paper you turned in last semester.
  5. 5.      Your success is my success.  There is no pride in seeing how many students can fail a class.  If the majority of the class is failing then as a professor a reevaluation of teaching methods need to be done.  Pride comes with knowing that students learned something and are able to go on to the next phase of their education because the foundation has been laid.


This information will hopefully help some of you heading out to college in the fall.    Mom and Dad have done their part now you go out there and get what you deserve.  Congratulations on graduating and Good Luck!!!