Whether you're just establishing your new home office or you've worked from home for years, here are five things that no home office should go without. They can increase efficiency, boost productivity, and protect valuable business data.

A High-Speed Internet Connection – Obviously an internet connection is imperative if you plan on using your computer for more than budgeting and word processing (which most – if not all –small business owners do). A high-speed wireless connection is often ideal since it affords you the flexibility to work on your laptop anywhere around the house. Contact local cable and internet companies to compare prices and see who can give you the most bang for your buck.

Money Management Software – Whether you prefer QuickBooks or Freshbooks, investing in a budgeting software program apt for small businesses can make financial tasks such as invoicing, taxes, and budgeting so much easier and more manageable.

A Comfortable Chair – It sounds odd but if you're working at your desk all day, a comfortable, ergonomic chair is extremely important. It can reduce back pain and fatigue which can boost productivity, allowing you to work longer and stay focused.

All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Fax Machine – A printer is a must-have for any home-based business and chances are, a scanner and fax are as well. While these machines used to have to be purchased separately, these days you can find an affordable all-in-one machine that can meet all your needs.

Online File Storage – It's been demonstrated time and time again that keeping data backups in the same locale as the originals is not an effective backup method. Online file storage provides small business owners and home PC users an easy-to-use and affordable backup solution that can protect business-critical data in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or theft.