Guys: it is important to pay attention to how you dress.  Women can learn a lot about you from the way you dress, and dressing well proves that you have good social intuition which is crucial for being an attractive person.  Here is a list of five things every guy should have in their wardrobe.

(I tried to make this a little different from every other list out there, listing “a white t-shirt” and a “black v-neck”, “ a nice pair of blue jeans”, etc.)

1.  A Pair of Grey Chinos

Chinos are in right now, and they are perfect for almost every situation, from hanging out with the boys to a night out on the town.  To those of you who do not know what chinos are, they are khakis with a more casual look and feel.  They are extremely versatile and can be worn with anything from a t-shirt to a sleeveless to a blazer.  So next time you are going out to buy some new jeans, opt for chinos instead.

2.  A Nice Watch

Most of the time, a nice watch is the only accessory you’ll ever need.  With cell phones making watches somewhat obsolete, a nice watch is often an indicator of good taste and class.  You won’t be turning any heads with a watch, but it is another piece of your wardrobe that makes you look complete.  Invest in a nice watch that matches with many of your favorite outfits.

3.  One Cool Accessory

I think that every man should have at least one “cool” accessory like a necklace or bracelet that separates you from the crowd and is a good conversation piece.  Even better if you can make it yourself, like a leather bracelet that came from your grandpa's horse saddle, or a thin metal chain that your mom found in Africa.  Just try to be creative with it and mix it in with your wardrobe nicely, but keep it simple and nothing too over the top.

4.  A Nice Aftershave

Forget spraying yourself with Axe; get a classy aftershave that will leave women remembering your scent.  I’ve lost count of the amount of times women have said I’ve smelt good wearing a nice aftershave.  Keep it low-key, and apply just a tad to the neck and a bit to the chest.  You’re going to want to make her lean in just to realize how good you smell.

5.  A Nice Pair of Headphones

Let’s face it, everyone walks around with their iPod or mp3 player of choice now a days.  Invest in a nice pair of headphones to increase your sound quality, but also add to your wadrobe.  Whether you choose headphones or earphones, go with something that will make your outfit pop.  Love that black V-neck? Get some nice white headphones.  It’s not always what’s in your iPod, it’s how you listen to it.

I believe every guy should have everything on this list in his wardrobe.  If you think I am missing anything, please comment below!