Whether you’re traveling with a significant other, with the family on vacation, or taking off on a solo adventure, Vancouver is a beautiful city with plenty to offer any visiting tourist. Here are 5 must-see attractions in the city to create what will surely be a memorable trip.

Downtown Vancouver

1. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is an urban park just off the Northwest end of downtown Vancouver. While the park is beautiful in and of itself, it also offers several activities for anyone looking to spend some time outdoors. My “must-do” is bike rentals: there’s nothing like taking an exhilarating ride around the park while also sightseeing.

Even if you’re just looking to soak in some nature, there are enough gardens, ponds, picnic areas and wildlife to last you all day. Be sure to stop by the totem poles for a photo op!

Stanley Park

2. Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to skip this one- or finally face your fear! The Capilano Suspension Bridge is across the bay from downtown Vancouver, hovering 70 meters over the Capilano River with a length of about twice that. The bridge not only offers a beautiful view of the treetops, but if you make it across, more exciting adventures wait on the other side. 

A journey through the treetops is one option, full of viewing platforms and smaller suspension bridges so that you can view the forest from a perspective like no other. The cliff walk and totem park are also totally visit-worthy!

Capilano Suspension Bridge

3. Grouse Mountain

While you’re in North Vancouver, you may as well head to Grouse Mountain. Located just minutes from the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Grouse Mountain will the test your fear of heights just a bit more.

Used in the winter months as a ski resort, Grouse Mountain is also a fantastic place to check out during the summer. The Skyride, North America’s largest aerial tramway system, will take you up the mountain while you enjoy incredible views of the city and its surroundings. Once you’re up there, visit the grizzlies at the wildlife refuge, catch some speed on the ziplines, or go for a hike. And don’t miss the lumberjack show- it’s good for some laughs!

Grouse MountainCredit: http://www.traveljournals.net/pictures/l/17/174837-grouse-mountain-skyride-north-vancouver-canada.jpg

4. Granville Island

For the foodies who find themselves in Vancouver, Graville Island is a necessary pit stop. Rejuvinated in the 1970s, this public market is eye candy for anyone looking for some good eats. This market is a direct reflection of the city’s culinary zest, making available local produce, fresh seafood, and rare ingredients for customers to purchase. Whether you grab a bite right then and there or pick up supplies to make your own delicious meal (perhaps for a picnic at Stanley Park), Granville Island is sure to please your taste buds, as well as fulfill your artistic side with some visual and musical stimulation. Every year, Granville Island is host to several festivals, such as the Vancouver International Jass Festival and a three-day arts and culture festival- so check your travel dates to see if they coincide with any of these events.

Granville IslandCredit: http://www.designdialog.ca/projects/granville-island-redevelopment/

5. The Steam Clock

When travelling, it’s often the little things that make the trip memorable. While in Vancouver, the steam clock is one of those little things that you need to incorporate into your trip! This clock, which (surprise) is powered by a steam engine, is styled to look as though it’s from the 19th century. Fun fact: the system of pipes that powers the steam clock also provides heat to most of the downtown area. Every quarter hour, the two-ton clock whistles and blows steam from its five whistles. On the hour, it marks the time with a toot from each whistle. 

Steam Clock