Nepal is a relatively small, landlocked country in South Asia. Its culture is a unique blend of various influences. Its landscape is highly diversified, not short of breathtaking views, and home to charming fauna and flora. A place full of contrasts and interesting sights filled with history. Pokhara Valley is the country's second largest valley and is situated west from Kathmandu, connected by Prithvi Highway. It's a beautiful place with a lot to offer. Get there by bus, private minivan or fly in by plane. Once you arrive, you won't want to leave. It is suited to all budgets, you can spend as much or as little as you like. Below are some of the exciting things to do there, in random order. You won't be bored. 

Spend time boating or kayaking
Hire a boat and cruise the Phewa Tal or Fewa Lake. If you don't feel like paddling, the local boatmen can do it for you. There are two main rental points near The Lakeside. You can choose between boats, pedal boats and kayaks. Prices start from 200 Rupees per hour. Different time length options are available. Why not spend some memorable time on the second largest lake in Nepal? 
 Lake PhewaCredit: M.Bajer
Go trekking
There's a wide array of possibilities to choose from, ranging from day hikes around Pokhara to organized treks to various places, including the famous Annapurna Base Camp. If you are planning a longer excursion, visit one of the many travel agents scattered all over the main road in lakeside. Day trips to nearby destinations such as World Peace Pagoda or Devi's Falls can easily be done independently.
pagodaCredit: M.Bajer
Try paragliding or skydiving
Fancy an adventurous, adrenaline boosting activity? Eager to get off the ground? Try skydiving or paragliding. Whether you are a first timer or an experienced pro, there's something for everyone. Prices range from 70 $ to 110 $, depending on the length, company and one's bargaining skills. paraglidingCredit: M.Bajer
Spend a day cycling
If you like being active, hire a bicycle in one of the many rental shops in Pokhara. It is a great idea for budget travellers. The cost per day is nominal, between 100 and 300 Rupees. You can cycle to Sarangkot, a popular spot to admire the view of Himalayas. Or head along the lake shore and visit the Tibetan Camp. Remember to check the bicycle before you rent it.
Relax in a restaurant by the lake
The Lakeside area is home to many restaurants and local eateries. The choice is wide, you can sample delicious Nepali specialities or go for international cuisine, a rare commodity in the country. Meals cost between 50 and 500 Rupees. Some restaurants come with a beautiful view over the Phewa Lake. Eat and relax while soaking up the atmosphere. Or meet fellow travellers and exchange valuable advice.
 Veg wrapsCredit: M.Bajer
 momosCredit: M.Bajer
dal bhatCredit: M.Bajer
Pokhara has a lot to offer and you won't be disappointed. It's especially enjoyable after days of intense trekking. It's a good place to stock up, shops and pharmacies are plentiful. It's also a convenient starting point for your excursions. And, a great place to chill out in beautiful surroundings. You won't be disappointed! 
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