I want to dive right into this subject because I know you want to find out quickly what there's to know about Google AdWords.

1. Know Your Keywords

I'm sure you have heard this a hundred times before, but it truly is one of the most important aspects about having good ads. If you don't choose good or even great keywords to begin with, your ads stand no chance.

So, before creating a campaign or an ad in your AdWords account, you should think about your consumer. Put yourself into their shoes. If you need help finding good keywords, go to your account and open the keyword-tool. If you enter a keyword you think would fit, it will show you more possible matches for your keyword.

2. Create 2 Ads

You are probably afraid that if you put 2 ads into the same adgroup, they will outrank each other. That is not the case. In your Google AdWords account you can select in your campaign settings, how multiple ads should behave. Either they will show exactly the same amount each or the one that's more clicked on gets displayed more.

So always create 2 ads for each adgroup. Keep them running for a month or so, until you have enough data to decide which one is better. Pause the one that's not doing so well. Then create a new one and keep them running until you have enough data to make a new decision. And keep this cycle going.

That way you always have the best possible ad running.

3. Target right

That's an easy one. You need to target your ads so that only people who might be interested in your product get the opportunity to click on your ads and create cost on your end.

Just go to the campaign settings and choose the geographical region and language you want your ad to show up in. Google suggest that you create separate campaigns for regions and languages. I actually agree.

4. Negative Keywords

That's even more important than picking the right keywords. Picking the right keywords to exclude from a campaign or adgroup.

For example, if you have an ad about a software named Hybrid Theory. You might want to exclude keywords like "Linkin Park", "music", "songs", etc. Because it has no relevance.

5. Landing Page

This is a mostly overlooked topic when it comes to Google AdWords. The page where the customer who clicked on your ad is directed to is equally or even more important than the ad itself.

If the landing page has no relevance for the ad and the consumer, the keyword will have a low quality factor and therefore rank bad or cost you a lot more.

I will talk about the quality factor some other time, since this will be an article by itself.

But make sure you direct the customer to the specific product the ad was designed to promote.


So, if you

  • choose the right keywords,
  • exclude irrelevant keywords,
  • target to the right people,
  • always have the best possible ad running,
  • and have people directed to the product the ad is about,

you will have a better quality for your campaign and thus will have to spend a lot less to be at the top.