Here are 5 Things to teach children to help them grow up in to resourceful and independent adults. There are obviously more than 5 things to teach children but these are 5 things to teach children that not everyone thinks about when rearing a child. This will separate the wheat from the chaff when they are older and make them much more independent and fully functioning as successful individuals.

Teach your child about moneyTeach your child about moneyCredit:

Money and children tend not to always meet early enough on. None of us want to place paper notes in to a toddler's hands to see it get unceremoniously ripped up. Nor do we wish to give small children coins incase they choke on them. The problem is that we soon get in to the habit of not letting our children near money, espescially if we are the type of family that pay for everything online or with a bank card. Money is becoming a currency that is less and less used in some circles.

What the lack of children handling money means is they are not getting the math skills that handling money gives people. Teachers are finding that this is an ever increasing issue when trying to use money to do math with. Do you remember when you were a child and your teacher use to give you sums like " If Johnny has $10 and buys 5 apples at $0.20 each, how much change will he have?", a child nowadays would not know how to add that money up because they would not always be able to identify a $10 bill over others.

To give your child a head start in their maths and so they learn the value of money when they are older, start letting them handle money around 4 years old. Sit and play shops with them, getting them to add up simple amounts. Ask them to make $0.30 as many different ways as they can.

When you go to the store, if you have a friendly cashier, ask them to charge your child's sweets to your main food bill but can they pretend to let the child pay for them. I have done this myself and then the cashier discreetly gives you the coins back. This is great for stopping children stealing as their awareness of needing to pay for items they want  is sharper. You are teaching them that they have to pay their way in life and things do not come for free. A valuable lesson if you wish them to become successful as adults. To teach a child about money also helps them to see how important money is in a successful life.


Teach your child to be passionate about reading

So many children now are struggling to read because homes tend to not have books easily available. We are in the age of technology, yet reading on line or through an e-reader is not going to bring about a passion the same as a book. It is far more common for young boys to struggle with finding a passion for reading because so many books are extremely bias towards young girl readers. 

Reading is the doorway to all learning, so if you give your child a passion for reading, the rest will come in time, even if they go through an awkward stage where their education is of no interest to your child, you will have given them a tool that will make it easy for your child to pick up education later on.

Reading starts a lot younger than most imagine, it should start when children are only a few months old, sat on your knee listening to you reading brightly colored books to them. At this stage, your tone of voice and the bright colors are keeping their interest. You can then next move on to play books that have them learning as toddlers, with books that have different textures, animals that they have to search or count with you. Discussing a story with a kindergarten age child is as helpful as teaching them the words.Ask them what they think is happening with the pictures, what story do the pictures tell?

Once a child shows a leaning to popular characters, such as Bob the Builder, Dr Suess' "The Cat in the Hat", Princess "insert name", then try and let them books be available to them. If you do not wish to buy these, your local library should be able to accomodate your needs.

 Teach your child about other cultures

There is enough ignorance and intolerance in the world, do not let your children be the ones to carry on with those awful traits. Western ideoligies and religion is wide spread, that does not mean it is all that exists. Teach your child that there is other ways of life to that of your own, share all the fun things that other cultures do that your child would find interesting. If you are Christian, why not teach your child the art of Pysanky, the painting of eggs during Passover, from the Jewish faith.

Learning that other people are different is extremely good for a child's character and development. The younger a child learns that we are not all the same, the easier they accept change and difference in life.

Teach your child how to act on the internet

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Even adults are naive and place themselves in danger on the internet. You need to teach your child that even when it is as simple as writing to their family and loved ones, you can't take back what is written, so they must think carefully about what they write. Their next lesson needs to be about people not being who they seem, not just on profiles of people but even places such as Moshi Monsters, Binweevils and other child specific internet areas. My very first lesson to my children about the internet was that some people hide behind characters and pretend to be children when they are adults. Yes, I did have to discuss why they do this.

Teach your child to never give away personal information, such as their school, home address, phone number, or any personal information. It is too late once they have innocently done so.

Set up a separate email account so that you can monitor what is happening and one they can leave when signing up for games etc.Always make sure your children come and ask you first if they can, yet protect all of you as children don't always do as they should.

Teach your child to only use internet sites they are familiar with, so as not to pick up viruses. Which reminds me, make sure you have checked the anti virus programs and parental controls that are available to have on your PC or laptop.

Teach your child how to organize their schedules

Children have short attention spans and can't help wanting immediate gratification. Teach your child that they can not pick and choose chores or scedules that priorotize everything they see as fun. Teach your children that if they get the chores they don't like out of the way, they can then do the things they like to do. This is great training for later life when we all have to work and do house hold chores before we even get to think about having fun. Work hard, play hard is a great moto for a successful life!

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