Carpet feels luxurious and soft to the feet, absorbs noise, insulates heat and provides children with a safe place to play. With so many choices on the market, selecting the right color and texture can be a daunting task. Following the outline below can help with the decision-making process.
Many Carpet Types
Choosing The Right Color
Will carpet set the mood of the room or fade into the background? This is an important factor to consider when selecting the shade. Greens or cool blues set a calm tone, warm reds make a space feel cozy, light colors can make rooms appear larger, and dark shades can hide stains.

Choosing The Right texture
There are many textures to select from, including berber, textured, plush and frieze. Plush is soft and thick; however it shows footprints and tracks from vacuum. Berber is flat, dense and very durable; it does not show tracks and is well suited to high traffic areas. Another type of carpeting well suited to high traffic areas is textured as the fibers are cut to different heights and therefore reflect light. This makes tracks and dirt difficult to see. Frieze has a nicer appearance then textured or berber, but is not as formal as plush. It is soft to the touch, yet does not show footprints or dirt.

Thinking About Future Maintenance
The type of carpet chosen will dictate the maintenance required. Area with high traffic should have carpeting that will resist dirt and make cleaning easier, such as berber or textured. Frieze should be selected for low to medium traffic areas as the fabric traps dirt and can make cleaning difficult. Plush is perfect for formal, low traffic areas as it shows footprints and traps dirt.

Choosing The Right Padding
Padding provides a strong and solid foundation, adds extra cushioning, insulates and absorbs noise. Dense, firm padding should be laid in high traffic areas, while areas such as bedrooms may not need as much protection. Padding prevents fibers and backing from coming apart, therefore ensuring the carpet resists wear and tear.

There may be warranties available with the purchase. Many include 5 and 10 year options wear warranties. Usually the quality of the carpet is commiserating with the warranty offered. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of exactly what the warranty covers before making a purchase.