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Remember the coffee machines of years gone by? If you can, then you will not hesitate in agreeing on how much they have improved. Don't get me wrong, they were reliable enough (most of the time), it's just that people will normally appreciate it if they have a better selection. The choice of either tea, coffee or hot chocolate was a little limited to say the least...

Well, thankfully those times have been and gone. Modern units are such a world away from their predecessors that it is difficult to believe that they were once the same species! And this applies to modern food machines as well. Just what the machines of tomorrow will be like is quite a tantalising thought; they all seem to be getting so very clever!

Vending machines are incredibly convenient and most of us will make use of them quite regularly. Here are five things which make them so appealing to us and such an important addition to our lifestyle-

1. A Monumental Choice!

Okay, so you've decided that you want a hot drink... now you have to choose which one. The only problem with the coffee machines of today is that they can sometimes give us too many options! For example, even if you know you want a cup of tea, then there will often be several different types to choose from.

2. A Variety of Services.

In years gone by, snack machines would only offer us crisps, chocolate or biscuits. Well, not anymore! These days you will often have a choice of yoghurts, cereal bars, cakes, salads, fresh fruit, cookies or boiled sweets.

There are also plenty of units where it is possible to purchase a proper hot meal. You can even get a cooked breakfast from some of the more modern vending machines!

3. A Far Better Level of Efficiency.

Energy efficiency is a big concern to us all and manufacturers are making their units as inexpensive to run as possible. This is good news for our planet and for anyone who is purchasing one of these commercial coffee machines.

4. An Emphasis on Reliability.

Many of these machines will be used twenty-four hours a day. This means that breakdowns cannot always be attended to straight away... and if you have a bunch of thirsty guys working on a night shift, then they will not want to contend with a temperamental drinks machine! Well, the good news is that modern units are far more reliable than those of years gone by.

5. A Better Range of Products.

The amount of vending machines in our country has probably increased by five hundred percent over the last twenty years. They crop up in so many different places and offer us a huge variety of different goods/services. We can use them to buy our food, drinks, chewable toothpaste, contraceptives, sweets, toys and postage stamps; some will even print our photographs for us. It makes you wonder how we ever managed to cope!