We often feel in a rut. I know sometimes I wake up in the morning in a dreamy fog with the television going. I awake half asleep and then begin looking at the actors on television and realizing how different my life is from that. I then begin to think “what if” I would have done things different? If I was younger and knew what I knew now I could have been an actor. It is not that I want to be an actor; I just get amazed that as I look back on my life I realize I could have done literally anything. Fortunately I am still young enough I can pursue my dreams. Here are 5 things you can do right now to change your life.

Pursue Your Dreams


If you keep living the life you are living then you will begin to regret things even more. On your death bed you will feel the ultimate sadness knowing that you died a failure who never pursued their dreams. Live life to the fullest like Steve Jobs did. If you have always wanted to be a Gangsta’ Rapper then go ahead and do it. Who cares that you are a white Mormon who grew up in Provo, Utah. If you truly want to do something then do it.

Love People

Love people! You need to love people and this includes your friends, family, and even those people you do not like. You may be an atheist with no belief in God but if everybody in the World strived to be more “Christ Like” in their actions then the World would be a much better place.

Be Healthier

Start eating healthier and exercising. By being healthier you will lead a more active and fuller life as well as actually living much longer.

Support Charities

Supporting charities can help to make your life fuller and allow you to live on forever in a way. If you are interested in cancer research then donate money to a charity that helps support cancer cure research. Your money could help fund a study that eventually leads to the elimination of various forms of cancer. If you do this then you will have helped countless people in the future long after you have died. You do not have to donate money directly. You can also support charities of your choice by donating your time to help raise money on behalf of the charity of your choice.


If you feel like you are in a rut and want a fresh start then it can help to simply pack up and move to a new area. If you live in Temecula, California and have always wanted to live in Chicago then make place to move out there. Even if you are only there for 6 months to a year it will often leave a huge impression on your life and allow you to focus more on life and the important aspects of it.

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