What Is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the air sacs of your lungs. These sacs are also known as alveoli and are usually caused by bacteria or viruses. It is a dangerous illness because people often think that they are suffering from a cold, but they actually have pneumonia. This is why millions of people worldwide die every year. People in this condition suffer from harmful phlegm build up in their lungs. This can make breathing difficult and can cause persistent coughing. In severe cases, both lungs may be infected and symptoms can affect someone for more than a month. Fever and fatigue are also signs that indicate that a person may be suffering from this respiratory illness. However, you do not have to suffer from this for the rest of your life. These are 5 things that you can do to prevent pneumonia:

Get Vaccinated

Perhaps the best thing that you can do to protect yourself from getting pneumonia is to get regularly vaccinated. You should get a flu shot every year because it helps to prevent pneumonia. It will also reduce your risk of getting seasonal influenza and fight against two illnesses at once. If you have a weak immune system, it is especially important to get vaccinated, because you are more vulnerable to it. Consult your doctor about the types of vaccinations that you may need. You should also ask your physician for an x-ray examination to make sure that you do not have an undetected illness. Children and Senior Citizens are more vulnerable than other groups. Note: Pregnant women and children should not be vaccinated with the pneumococcal vaccine. Vaccines can keep pneumonia in check.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is very important if you have a weakened immune system. It also strengthens your ability to breathe and makes your heart stronger. Exercise helps your body relax and reduces your risk of anxiety attacks. It reduces stress and alleviates fatigue. You do not have to do hours of working out every day to benefit from it. Medical experts recommend that you do physical activity 3-4 days a week, for 30 minutes a day. That is all it takes. Pick one of your favorite activities such as jogging, bicycling, walking, or whatever you prefer. If you do not want to do something alone, ask a friend to join you. Both of you could play tennis, racquetball, basketball, or whatever you like. The important thing is that you keep a consistent exercise routine. This is another way to prevent pneumonia.

Consume Vitamin C

Vitamin C is ideal for preventing pneumonia fights against infection and it strengthens the immune system. People with pneumonia often suffer from chest pains and vitamin C helps to reduce this discomfort. It cannot prevent you from getting the common cold, but it can quicken your recovery time if you get one. It also is necessary to maintain healthy tissues, teeth, and bones. You do not have to worry about excessive use of this vitamin. According to medical experts, it is one of the safest vitamins in the world. Some natural vitamin C sources are oranges, tomatoes, bell peppers, kale, broccoli, brussels, and strawberries.

Eliminate Smoking

If you do not smoke, then you should not start. If you are a smoker, you should seriously consider stopping. Smoking significantly increases your chances of getting pneumonia. This can damage your respiratory system and make it more difficult to breathing. You will also be increasing your risk of contracting lung cancer. It is bad for your overall health and simply increases your chances of becoming sick. Do not take this unnecessary chance. Put the cigarette down.

Protect Yourself During The Winter

This is very important if you live in a cold weather climate. You should make sure that you dress warm and bundled up well. Make sure that your head and ears are covered. If you need a scarf, put one on. Wear an extra pair of gloves if necessary. Put on an extra pair of socks in order to protect your feet. It does not take long to be affected by the cold. Do not be outside any longer than you have to be. Freezing weather over an extended period of time will increase your chances of getting pneumonia. If you have to work outside, make sure that you wear a mask, especially if you are working with dangerous chemicals. Make sure that you wear protective clothing to protect your skin.You should also read the chemical label to make sure that you are following the proper safety procedures. Be cautious and smart.

Pneumonia can be prevented if you take the proper precautions. Regular vaccinations are important and should be administered at least once a year. A chest x-ray is also recommended. Regular exercise strengthens your respiratory system and improves your cardiovascular fitness. Consuming vitamin C can help fight infection and boosts your immune system. It reduces your risk of the common cold. Smoking should be eliminated because it creates an unnecessary strain on your ability to breathe. It also clogs up your body with nicotine and increases your risk of cancer. Dressing properly is important because cold weather can have a negative impact on your body. If you are working outside, it can expose you to harmful chemicals. You can suffer from aches and pains. Always make sure that your skin is covered and wear a mask. If you do these 5 things, you will significantly reduce your risk of contracting pneumonia.



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