From Arnold Schwarzenegger's Book Where He Opens Up About His Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had an amazing life by anyone's standards, whether you like him or not. A larger than life figure he has become a man always in the lime light. For being the best bodybuilder the sport has ever seen, to Americas most well-known leading man on the big screen, playing action hero's to funny men, and becoming the Governor of one of the biggest economies on the face of the planet.

There isn't much he has done that wasn't in front of the cameras it seems. Although he has lived his life large, there's a few things that will surprise you about him.

1/ Arnold's Family

Arnold was the youngest of two children. He had an older brother named Meinhard who tragically died just before he was due to get married in a car accident when he was 25. (1971). He had a 3-year-old son at the time named Patrick who later Arnold helped immigrate the th US.

Meinhard wasn't the sporty type like Arnold, he was more arty. Although Arnold doesn't talk about his brother much, and didn't attend his funeral, the two were close. They did share a bedroom together until Arnold was 18 years old.

2/ Arnold's fortune

Arnold made his first million dollars investing in real estate and not acting or body building. His first venture was a flop when he bought some land near a proposed airport which never went ahead. After learning his lessons he then bought and sold property on the side which became a lucrative venture for him. There actually wasn't much money involved in body building when Arnold was competing, as there was multiple Mr Universe titles, and the following of the sport was quite small.

3/ Arnold's first movie 

Hercules in New York (Arnold's first movie) got delayed because the studio ran out of money to release it. When it got released they weren't sure if they were going to have Arnold voice because people wouldn't understand him. So they had a voice over done. If you get your hands on the DVD there is both soundtracks, one with Arnold's voice, and another with a voice over artists.

4/ Arnold's first book

Published in 1977, Arnold's first book entitled 'the encyclopedia of bodybuilding,' has never been out of print since. Even today it is the bible for body builders.

5/ How the Governator made deals

Last but not least, there was a tent outside his Sacramento Governor’s office where he could smoke cigars. The governor's staff affectionately called the tent 'the deal-making tent' because Arnold would hold meetings  there and get deals done.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's book coverCredit: Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Arnold has recently published a book that is available in which he tells the story of his own life, from growing up in Austria to becoming the 'Governator,' to his separation with Maria Shriver and the birth of his 5th child, which he had with his housemaid.

After reading this book it came across as a great insight into his life. It is a 2 inch thick book but you feel it is still a little light on in some areas, like his use of steroids which gets one paragraph.



Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived an incredible life to date, and deserves admiration for his drive and diligence, even if you don't like him. 

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