Natural disasters are occurring more and more every day.  Worldwide disasters have been increasing which has opened our eyes to the reality of how important it is to be prepared.  If you want to be prepared in the smallest way, you should have 3 days of food and water for each person in your home.

Natural DisasterCredit:; By clarita

This list is based on stable conditions in your home that you already have shelter and do not have to evacuate.  You may be without electricity and not able to get out due to bad weather conditions etc.


Water is the main essential supply needed for survival in a Natural Disaster situation. You can last 3 days without water so that’s why it should be at the top of your list. You should plan on at least 1 gallon of water per person and per pet.  Water can be attained through various avenues but is recommended that you build up a supply of bottled and or gallon jugs of water.  Do you have at least a three day supply at this moment?

In most cases, any clear water can be boiled and will be safe to drink. You should also have several other ways to get water in your disaster plan.




Stocking up your food can be a long process. This doesn’t really include the food on your kitchen shelves but this is extra food that has longer shelf life. Taking a step at a time will slowly build up an amazing survival advantage. Food that has the longest shelf life is the best option. You would be surprised at how many popular places that you already shop at may include a ton of this type of food. Some of the places that surprised me were Amazon and Sam’s club. You can buy powdered eggs and powdered peanut butter on Amazon.  Sam’s club has an entire section devoted to this which is called “emergency foods and supplies”. The best shelf life would be from 5-20 years.


You could also bag and stock your own food by using Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.  Mylar bags are similar to like a zip lock bag but much thicker and when you use the oxygen absorbers, it will prevent spoiling and also the chance of bugs. Once you fill these bags and put an oxygen absorber in it, you will have to seal it with a hot iron.  You want to keep these in a dark, cool place, so the best thing to do would be to put them in large white sealable buckets, which are used for food. You can layer the Mylar bags filled with dried grains, beans etc. in the buckets. If you have a basement, it is an excellent place to store all your supplies as long as it’s damp.


~First Aid/ Medications~


You should have a supply of over the counter medications in a container marked First aid. This should include anything that you use even occasionally. Make sure you have pain relievers, gauze, band aids, mosquito products, rubbing alcohol, peroxide etc.  You cannot be sure of what may happen in a time of disaster and having on hand what you need in one place can possible save a life. You should always keep at least 60 days of prescription drugs on hand.



~Pet Food & Supplies~


As I mentioned before, you should have the same amount of water per pets as per person.  Pet food only lasts about 6 months, so the best thing you can do is constantly rotate your supply for an emergency. You can do this by always putting the newest bought food to the back of the oldest on your shelf.  You should have blankets, a few toys, some treats, bowls, and any pet meds stocked with all your supplies marked “pets”.  Just remember, your pet can sense when danger is around them and you want to make them as comfortable and comforted as possible. You may have to take shelter in your basement so just not having their usual freedom can throw them off and make them not feel well from fear.


 ~ Battery Operated Radio~


 It is very important to have a battery operated radio so if the electric and phones are down, you can still hear what is going on and how things are progressing. You will need lots of batteries stocked up for the radio and back up flashlights.


Preparation for a Natural Disaster does not mean you have to go to extreme measures, but it means you need to decide what level of preparation is fit for your family. It’s all about keeping our families safe!