No business can afford to ignore the power of online marketing and selling. Many traditional businesses have created powerful ecommerce stores to gain a foothold in the world of online selling, and several entrepreneurs run online-only stores. At a time when thousands of businesses worldwide are building ecommerce sites and trying to create a flourishing online store, osCommerce web development has become extremely popular with web developers and entrepreneurs.

When it comes to online stores and shopping carts solutions, osCommerce is among the best you can find the market. This open source solution has become hugely popular during the last few years owing the large number of features it provides. Building the right kind of shopping cart is extremely importance. A simple and persuasive shopping cart can be instrumental in increasing conversions and sales. Let’s see why osCommerce web site development is a good idea for businesses who want to create an attractive and seamless online shopping experience.

1. Excellent Customization
An online store that looks just like the other online stores is not likely to impress visitors. Every business needs a website design that oozes individuality and personality. The design needs to be memorable, but it should not distract from the activity of shopping. The biggest plus point of osCommerce web development is the almost limitless possibility of customization it offers. There are various ways in which web developers can use osCommerce features to build customized modules and solutions.

2. Easy Management
Most people who actually manage ecommerce sites are not tech wizards. They are non-technical people who possess no more than rudimentary knowledge about technology. If you use complicated software for build online stores ad shopping carts, it may not be easy for such people to manage the store. However, osCommerce web development simplifies things. Not only does it support the development of a simplified front-end to enable quick and hassle free transactions for customers, but it also offers a smooth back-end that can be managed easily.

3. Support for Multiple Payment Gateways
When you online store doesn’t accept payment through a certain gateway, it is telling the customer that his money is no good. Naturally, the customer will go elsewhere and avoid our online store in the future. It is important to support as many payment gateways as possible. This is where osCommerce works wonders. It supports a large number of payment gateways. In addition to PayPal, it supports Trust Commerce,, Chrono Pay, Authorize.Net, iPayment, SECPay, Pay nova, PSiGate and many more.

4. Superb Product Management Features
With osCommerce web site development, it is possible for customers to display the products in exactly the way they want. If you hire an expert osCommerce developer, he can create an online store that helps you track the bestselling products and regular customers. You can also get options that allow customers to review products and add comments. The software can also give product suggestions to customers on the basis of their previous purchases and browsing history. The site manager can use all sorts of stats to update order statuses, and customer records.

5. Open Source – Lower Cost
osCommerce web development cost less as you do not have to pay a hefty licensing fee for using the software. Anyone can easily download and install osCommerce. On top of it, the large developer community that uses and supports osCommerce makes a number of free extensions and plug-ins available. As a result, osCommerce can offer quality without burning a hole in your pocket.