Visit The Capital Of Rajasthan

Top Attractions Of The Pink City

India is a culturally diverse South Asian country that is full of contrasts. Its history is dynamic - it was invaded, conquered and influenced by different empires. At present, India, or Bharat, comprises of twenty-nine states and seven union territories in the Indian subcontinent.  Rajasthan is located in the north-west of the country and is the largest state. It is home to the Great Indian Desert, two national parks and twenty five wildlife sanctuaries. It's famous for the rich village folk culture and impressive historical architecture. 
Jaipur is the capital and largest city of Rajasthan, located in the eastern part of the state. Popularly known as the Pink City, it is a place worth visiting. It was the first planned city in India, established in 1727 by the Rajput Maharaja Jai Singh II. It was built according to the principles from the ancient texts of Shilpa-Shastra. Modern day Jaipur is dynamic and commercialized, filled with markets, temples and impressive monuments. Many festivals and fairs take place here throughout the year, including Teej, Elephant Festival, Gangaur Fair and Kite Festival. The best time to visit is between October and March, during the winter tourist season just after the monsoon. 
Most visitors arrive by bus, train or fly in from other cities. Trains from Delhi to Jaipur take less than six hours and are very affordable. Frequent and direct flights connect the capital of Rajasthan with many Indian cities, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Calcutta. It is best to plan ahead and book the tickets in advance. Below is a list of some of the best things to do in Jaipur.  Don't miss the top attractions and activities! 
1. Visit the Amber Fort and Palace
 Amber FortCredit: Matylda Says
You can easily spend a whole day exploring the Amber Fort and Palace area. Set among picturesque hills, this historic place is a must-see. It features an intriguing blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture. Magnificent gardens, red and white stone marbles and breathtaking views create an unforgettable atmosphere of the place. One can climb up the fort in 15 minutes. It's best to avoid the elephant rides as the animals are not always treated well. 
2. Wander around the Old City
 Hawa MahalCredit: Matylda Says
The long fortification walls, numerous bazaars, beautiful examples of Rajput architecture are all worth admiration. Just walking around the Old City makes for an interesting day out. Don't miss Hawa Mahal, Palace of the Winds. The 953 windows (called jharokhas) were constructed to enable ladies of the royal family to watch daily life on the streets of Jaipur. Another famous landmark is the City Palace, an impressive complex featuring buildings, courtyards and gardens.
3. Take Meditation and Yoga Classes
Being able to relax and staying fit are important components of a healthy lifestyle. Free Hatha yoga classes are available at the Madhavanand Girls College. If you would rather practice meditation, contact the Vipassana Meditation Centre located 3 kilometers from the city. The payment is by donation. 
4. Indulge in the local specialities
 FoodCredit: Matylda Says
Fresh fruits, sugary sweets and deep-fried snacks can be easily spotted all over the city. Street food is delicious and very affordable. Parathas served with curried vegetables, kachoris dipped in fragrant yellow yoghurt curry, dal bati, kulcha flatbreads and many more foods await. Let your taste buds experience the diverse flavours of Rajasthan. 
5.  See the Water Palace 
Jal Mahal or the Water Palace is partially submerged in the Man Sagar Lake. Built in 1799, it used to be the summer residence of the Royal family. With trees growing on top of it, it looks somewhat surreal. Migratory ducks can be sometimes spotted nearby. You can only admire Jal Mahal from a distance. Very conveniently, it can be visited on the way to the Amber Fort. 
Jal MahalCredit: Matylda Says

Tourism in India is getting increasingly popular with both foreign travellers and Indians. Why not visit Jaipur and learn more about the warrior caste of Rajputs, the great leaders of the Marathas, and the Mughal Empire. Admire the architecture, get lost in the chaos of the city, try the delicious cuisine and relax in a peaceful place. Experience the culture at its fullest. Whether you are on a backpacking trip or on family vacation, you won't be bored in the city of Jaipur.