Lisbon City LandscapeCredit: FreeDigitalImages.Net

1.    Walk the Entire City

When you see the city from one end, it may look like an eternity to get to the other. However, with the slopes and side streets you will be able to walk the city in a couple of hours. There is only a metro in Lisbon and no one drives so you will be able to see the full beauty of the city by taking a day to walk it. 

2.    Visit Castle St. Jorge

Besides a full view of the entire city, you will gain appreciation for the history of the castle. It was built in the mid-eleventh century and was the last bastion of defence for the elite who lived citadel. It was then transformed into a palace for the kings of Portugal in the thirteenth century. Following this purpose, it was used as a military defence and then later restored to what it is today. You will be able to walk along the walls of the castle, but make sure to have a firm grip, as the walls are a bit steep and high.

3.    Eat Somewhere Off the Beaten Path

 Many of the city centre restaurants are not nearly as tasty as those along the side streets where the locals live and eat. Make sure to wander a bit out of the main downtown area to find some great local dishes.

Dining Tip

It doesn’t appear that there is much rhyme or reason as to when restaurants open and close. You may walk by a building with a closed garage door with tons of graffiti on it one night, and then the next the door is lifted and inside is an elegant restaurant. If you are unsure when something is open when you walk by, stop in to ask if the restaurant is open later or the next day-it may not be.

4.    Go for Late Night Drinks

The normal time for dinner in Lisbon is between 10:00 PM -12:00 AM. After you have your dinner (which is certainly late for some tourists), head down the side streets and find a pub. You will also find the streets filled with people as many pubs are small and local have a drink or two in the streets while engaging in conversation. It’s certainly something to experience!

5.    Take the Train to Nearby Beaches

There are a few beaches surrounding Lisbon that should certainly be visited. Portugal is also one of the few places that you can surf in that area of Europe. Try visiting Carcavelos and Tamariz which are beautiful and full of activities.

Enjoy your time in Lisbon as you relax, enjoy great food, and take in beautiful scenery!