Eliminating the Excuse

Some of the best things about modern life are seldom appreciated because we simply cannot imagine life without them. Flipping a switch in the middle of the night and grabbing a cold soda from the fridge fail to cause any moments of wonder. Just a hundred years ago, either event would be front page news.

Many aspects of modern personal care fall into the same category. Any one of the quality shampoos and conditioners would command a princely sum from the wealthy of any society prior to the 1800s. Perhaps the greatest and least noticed grooming advance in the past century is the ability to control body odor. It goes unnoticed because we simply do not encounter it.

Learning about Skin and the Causes of Body Odor

Until answers came from scientists in the 1800s, sweat got the blame for body odor. In addition, until scientists delivered more answers, there was no effective way to fight those unpleasant odors.

The information we now have about these topics is astounding as its detail. Here are 5 things to know about skin and body odor that explain how we conquered the problem.

Skin Fact 1

What research shows it that skin is an incredibly complex and efficient organ. Yes, organ. Our skin is the body's largest organ. It is roughly 16% of the body's total weight. Skin fulfills several essential functions.

Regulation of the body's temperature is one of these important functions. The average person has three to four million sweat glands. One of the two types of sweat is secreted through pores onto the surface of the skin. The other secretes sweat into the hair follicles on the body. Hair plays a key role in controlling body temperature. Each stand of body hair serves a wick to aid in evaporation of sweat.

Skin Fact 2

Most people do not realize that the sweat that covers our skin is odorless. It is basically water and salty electrolytes. Its function is to evaporate quickly so it is simple in its composition. The sweat in the hair follicles is thicker and has other components, but it does not normally play a role in body odor.

Skin Fact 3

Billions of bacteria live on the surface of every human's skin. Three layers make up our skin, the epidermis being the upper layer. Within the epidermis are cells that alert the body's defense mechanism to harmful bacteria and viruses. The bacteria that cause body odor are otherwise harmless. They interact with sweat to create a chemical reaction that causes the odors.

Skin Fact 4

Any deodorant for men or women works the same way. It has ingredients that kill bacteria. Advanced deodorants likeDegree adrenaline series products have other benefits, but their primary purpose is to kill bacteria.

Skin Fact 5

Antiperspirants fight body odor by stopping the sweat that the bacteria like. Ingredients in these products react with sweat and the electrolytes to create a gel. This gel penetrates and plugs the pores of the sweat glands.

Sometimes the miracles you do not see or smell are the best. The ability to control body odor is a modern miracle.

5 Things to Know About Skin and Body Odor