If you’ve had the pleasure of installing a modern double bathroom vanity, then you’re probably already enjoying the simplicity and elegance of the design.  In order to maintain that aesthetic though, you really need to make sure you’re using it correctly.  Consider these five tips when it comes to the proper use of your modern vanity.

Don’t Clutter the Counter Space

The simplicity of that design is what makes it so attractive.  When you clutter up the counter space with all your toiletries, you cover up the design.  A cluttered space is not pretty, and it makes people feel overstimulated.  To keep your modern vanity looking like a spa, be sure to put your items out of sight when you’re finished with them.

Two People Need Two Sinks

The easiest way to clutter up a bathroom is to share it with lots of people.  For double bathroom vanities though, this problem is prevented.  Each person can have their own space and storage.  That way, you’re less likely to be annoyed by everyone infringing on your space and your bathroom time.  If you have more people using the bathroom than two, you’ll need to split those sinks fairly among all.

Incorporate Clever Storage as Design

If you have a lot of bathroom necessities but don’t want to clutter up your counter, consider incorporating some creative storage.  You can use a mirror with storage behind it, attractive baskets that stack under the sink, or even hanging baskets that are normally used in the kitchen.  With the right choices, your storage can look like it was meant to be part of your modern vanity design.

Wipe It Now to Prevent Scrubbing Later

To keep modern bathroom vanities looking like new, it’s a good idea to clean them regularly.  Nobody likes scrubbing hard water stains or soap scum.  In order to keep these substances at bay, give your sink a quick wipe-down after every use.  You can have a wipe rag on hand nearby at all times or keep one stored away inside the door of the cupboard.  These in-between cleanings are easy and ensure that when it’s time for a deep cleaning, there won’t be a need for heavy duty scrubbing.

The Right Light Makes All the Difference

For a bathroom that oozes luxury, the lighting fixtures make all the difference.  Hanging lights can be a beautiful touch, but you also need to consider how much light they generate, and whether or not they’re pointed in the right direction.  People need to be able to see their faces clearly in the mirror, so it’s best to choose bright lights that mimic outdoor sun and point them directly where people will be standing.  You may need to play with a few set-ups before you strike the right balance between great light and beautiful fixtures.  When you find it though, your modern bathroom vanity and improved personal image will make the effort worthwhile.