5 Must Know Tips For Your Tropical Vacation

1.)  Bring Plenty of Singles
SInglesYou will want to have plenty of singles for your tropical vacation when staying at an all-inclusive resort. A dollar or two goes a long way and if your servers, bartenders, and valet know you're a good tipper, get ready for royal treatment most the time. I have never run into a rude person but if you're labeled as a “cheapie”, expect a serious dosage of island time service.

2.) Bring a Kindle or Ipad

Going to the tropics means it’s time to relax on a beach. While sunbathing for the first couple hours will allow you to just let go and lose yourself, I suggest some reading material to supplement the sun. I am an old fashion type of guy and love the way that books feel in my hand, but the wind on a beach makes books hard to handle. Apple or amazon has created a product that allows you to bring multiple books in a compact fashion. Right before you leave, download a couple of books that you will want to read while on the beach and then enjoy! 

3.) Bring down a BubbaKeg or equivalent

Do not miss this tip! It saves time and money! It doesn’t need to be the brand Bubba Keg but make sure you bring down a large container designed to keep beverages cool. Most of the beaches on an all-inclusive resort have a bar nearby, but you will not be sitting directly by it. The bar of course provides unlimited, small, disposable cups for your drinks, but they will also fill up any size cup you bring to the bar as well. This will save time spent for refills, which also saves dollars because you will be tipping less with fewer trips back to the bar!

4.) Bring a large beach bag

You will have a kindle, Bubba Keg, towel card and/or towel, room keys, singles for tipping, money/ debit cards for souvenirs on the beach, and some sort of wrap for when your beach trip is over. Long story short, two hands is not getting to get everything down to the beach that you want. When packing for your trip don’t forget a large beach bag. What has worked best in my experience is a silk or cotton bag that is easily packed and does not take a lot of space during your travels. If you don’t bring a large bag you will be buying one down there, trust me. They are much cheaper here than the souvenir shops on the resort. 

5.) Prepare for the Sun.Beach
This tip seems obvious but let me give you a Sun checklist because if you are like me, you might forget one or two of these simple items: Sunglasses, ball cap or hat, wrap or t-shirt, sunscreen/suntan lotion, and aloe vera. Of course all these items will be available at the gift shop but you will save precious money and probably have better quality if you buy the items before hand. You will want to have this kit ready or you will be shelling out unnecessary dollars at the resort.

These five tips and tricks should help your tropical vacation at an all-inclusive be more enjoyable. As always, remember you’re preparing for the tropics so everyone is jealous of you!