Pet PhotographyCredit: Jaime RoweCredit: Jaime Rowe

Tired of getting blurry pictures of your dog? Read below the top 5 tips on how to photograph your dog.

#1 - Get Down!
Most dogs and cats barely touch our knees so get down and photograph them from "their" point of view. You can either crouch down, sit down or lay down on your stomach. You might get a little dirty but Rover is worth it, right? I spend most of  my time sitting on the ground and looking up at the dog.  I also like to place the owner right behind me so the dog will look at me (Shh! That is a secret pet photographer secret!).

#2 - Bright Lights, Big City
Good Lighting = Good Photography. Try photographing your dog during the early morning or late afternoon hours. I quote Simon Davidson, "The reason being is because at these times the angle between the sun and the earth’s surface is small which allows for the sunlight to flow over the landscape in a way that intensifies the colors of nature and also creates spectacular shadows."  In essence,  the light is awesome.  As a side note, I set most my photo session at 8:AM or 5:PM in the summer and 9:00 or 4:PM in the fall/winter/spring months so I can take full advantage of these two beautiful times of the day.

#3 - Ready, Set, Flash...NOT
Disable the flash on your camera. Some cameras will make a big red circle and line across the lightening bolt when you disable the flash. The reason you want to disable the flash is because on-camera flash is harsh and unnatural (yuck!). If you really want to use flash, then you can bounce the light against a white wall or use a light diffuser. It diffuses the light and "poof!" your photo looks awesome!

#4 - To Treat or Not to Treat?
I love treats but that doesn't mean that they are appropriate at a photo session. Okay - it is true....I always have treats available for photo sessions but sometimes dogs get a do you say..."Treat Crazy"! First, I always try voice commands. Second, noise-makers like duck calls, whistles, or high-pitch whining. Third, I resort to treats. The best treats are very stinky. For example, a stinky treat that works well for me is any of the seafood dog treats. Have a friend (see Tip #5) dangle the treat in front of the dog to show them the treat. Next, make them sit. Then gently pull the treat away from their face toward the top of your camera. It will appear that the dog is looking directly into the camera! It works. Stop second guessing just get outside and try it!

#5 - Don't Be a Loner
No one likes a loner. Bring a friend to photograph your dog! Go in a field and play. Have your friend handle the treats while you sit on the ground (see Tip #1) and click away! Enjoy your dog and your time with them!  Dogs live in the moment and love spending time with you. Have fun and get some great photographs of your dog!

Thank you for reading the Top  5 Tips on how to take great photos of your dog!