Best Life
Credit: Google Images

We often wonder if we are doing things the correct way.  If maybe there are some shortcuts that we can take to ensure that we succeed.  While trying to figure things out, we often go around asking everyone in our circle for their opinion of what we should be doing.  Sometimes, the best thing that we can do is make a decision and stick to it.    By putting ourselves in the Captain’s chair; we are essentially taking the power of influence away from others and doing things on our own terms.  Many may ask, how do we get to that point.  The points below can guide you.

1.        Write Down Your Life’s Goals.  There are probably hundreds of ideas that go through your head daily about what you should be doing or what you would like to do in the future.  Slow down a little and write down the 10 most important goals you would like to accomplish.  Once you have written them down, give yourself a timeline in which to accomplish them and then get started.  The biggest reason that most people fail in life is because they hesitate to take the first step.

2.       Clear The Obstacles.  If you want to ensure your success in any aspect of your life, get rid of any obstacles in your way.  If your job is stopping you from moving forward, then begin saving up enough money in an Emergency Fund, to leave the job and have six months of fund in reserve.  This gives you the ability to make a fresh start.  If the relationship you are in is leaving you rundown and stressed, leave it behind.  Sometimes in order to get to the apex, negative things must fall by the wayside.  Don’t be afraid to let these things go.  You will be happy you did.

3.       Ask For Advice Sparingly.  It’s okay to seek suggestions, especially in unchartered territory, but be careful about where the advice comes from.  Sometimes even the most well meaning people can give you the worse advice.  So only ask those that have some expertise in the given areas that you have questions about.  Family members should be asked very seldom for this type of advice, because their personal bias relating to you can potentially get in the way.  You need answers that motivate and support you, not throw you off course.

4.       Take Charge.  Whatever decisions you make about your life.  Be responsible for the good and bad that come from them.  If you succeed be proud of yourself and if you fail make sure you figure out why.  This comes as a part of the package to making life what you want it to be.  The great thing about taking charge is that no matter what, YOU made the decision and YOU own it.  So take the reins of your life’s journey and make it beautiful.

5.       Live Life To The Fullest.  Regardless of what road you take to making the most out of your life.  Enjoy it, have fun, and take nothing for granted.  One day the journey will end and it should have been one heck of a trip.  Don’t worry too much; don’t take on everyone else’s problems and love yourself.  By doing these things you have a 100% chance of living the best life ever.

Living life on your own terms simply means, doing it your way.  Regardless of what others may think, you have to be happy in the end.  So don’t place too much weight on others opinions about the direction in which you should go.  Write down your goals, get the obstacles out of your way, ask for limited advice from others and take charge.  The Happily Ever After is out there just waiting for you to grab it; so get going.