Mobile Affiliate Marketing As An Untapped Market

1. Monetize Traffic Through Affiliate Marketing Offers 

Monetizing traffic through affiliate marketing offers is definitely the easiest way to make money out of your blog. But, if you are trying to enter mobile affiliate marketing, finding the best converting offers for the mobile market is not an easy task. If you don't know where to start, there are mobile-centered websites such as Sponsor Mob that specialize in monetizing mobile traffic. You can find mobile offers that convert well within this particular affiliate network.

2. Create And Sell Apps

Another way to create money out of mobile affiliate marketing is through creating and selling apps. Millions of apps are being downloaded daily and you can really make a lot of money here even if you just take a small bite out of the big pie. To get an idea on what apps are selling in the Mobile App market, browse the top ten latest apps and see what they are all about. Some apps such as Schedule Arrangers and Calendars seem too basic, but you will be surprised to know that these apps sell like hotcakes on the App market!

3. Sell Ad Space On Your Mobile Blog

If you have a mobile blog, offering space for direct ads placement is another way to make more money. Unlike monetizing traffic through mobile offers, selling direct ad space doesn't need you to promote the products. As a result, you will have a fixed and passive income stream from advertisers every month. You will need a significant number of traffic to attract advertisers though, so this might prove to be difficult if you don't have a lot of visitors at the moment.

4. Put Ads On Your Free Apps

If you plan to make a free app, you can still monetize it by placing ads. There are websites such as AppMakr that allows you to make mobile apps for free even if you don't have programming experience. You can also monetize your free apps by charging for ads or placing ads on it. Free apps generally attract more downloads so you can really make a killing here if your app becomes popular.

5. Buy Mobile Traffic And Direct Them To High-Converting Offers

If you are into PPC, buying mobile traffic and directing this traffic to high-paying offers is a good way to make money. You might not realize it, but mobile traffic is a lot cheaper compared to normal traffic buys. If you can find a high-converting mobile offer and you can set-up a good mobile PPC campaign, you can easily turn cheap traffic buys into a huge fortune. Finding mobile affiliate marketing offers that convert well is quite tricky though so take your time and do your research well.

tips to make money with mobile affiliate marketing

make money with mobile affiliate marketing