Finding the perfect engagement ring that would earn the “yes” of your beloved can be a big challenge. Not only are there numerous options available all over, you are also not quite familiar with jewelry, particularly engagement bands. Do not fret. There are stores like Jewelry Television and Palm Beach Jewelry that will help ensure that you find the right choice. Apart from that, you can also heed the following advice on choosing an engagement ring.  

1. Know Your Options

First, you need to choose a specific gemstone. The most popular used for engagement bands is the diamond. Other choices like sapphire, emerald and ruby are also stunning. Next, you have to think about the stone setting. Solitaire is most commonly used for this purpose, but you can also consider the four- or six-prong setting, trellis setting, pave setting, tension setting and more. Look at each of these carefully before deciding which one you like for the engagement ring. Moreover, you need to decide what metal to use for the ring band. Gold, titanium and silver are the top options. Titanium is the strongest metal and is the most expensive. Silver is on the other end of the spectrum as the flimsiest and cheapest. Gold sits at the middle in terms of price and durability.

2. Be Concerned about Quality

After choosing the specific ring type, you now have to look into the quality of the ring. For one, you have to ensure the perfect fit of the band around your beau’s finger. If you’re getting a diamond, you definitely have to learn the four C's, which are cut, color, clarity and carat. See to it that the diamond is certified as authentic. This way, you know that you are getting your money’s worth.

3. Put Yourself in Her Shoes

What is perfect for one woman may not be perfect for another. This is why it is also necessary that you put yourself in the shoes of your beloved so that you can pick a ring that she will adore. For example, even if solitaire diamond ring is extremely popular, it may not be the perfect choice for your girlfriend’s creative style. Consider her personality, taste, and fashion style when looking for a ring. You can also ask for advice from her closest friends to help you pick the perfect style.  

4. Pick Together

If you don’t intend to give the ring as a surprise, it would be also be a good idea to pick the ring together. This is especially ideal if your girlfriend is very choosy with her jewelry or if you are not confident that you would be able to guess what the perfect ring for her is.

5. Be Practical

You have to be practical when choosing a ring. Just because you’re going to be engaged doesn’t mean that you can lose all your life’s savings. It is crucial that you set a budget for this expense and that you don’t go beyond it. Remember, there are many other things more important than the engagement ring. You still have a wedding to spend money on and family life to look forward to.