Who doesn’t love adding a few pairs of sandals to their summer wardrobe?  With the multitude of sandals that hit the stores each spring, how do you wade through all those choices to find the right sandals for you?  Here are five tips to save you time (and maybe money) as you hunt down that perfect pair of sandals:

  1. Decide whether you like “trendy” or “classic” styles.  If you like to wear the latest style, then consider purchasing your sandals from a place like Walmart, Target or Payless Shoes.  The sandals you buy this year may not be in style next year, so save yourself some money and get an inexpensive pair.  You won’t feel guilty discarding them next spring when new styles come out.  If you like a “classic” style of sandal, consider shopping at a department store like Sears or JC Penney, or online at a place like Zappos.com.  They offer higher quality sandals that will likely last you a few seasons.  Consider buying sandals made of real leather as those tend to last the longest.  Keep in mind, this type of sandal will probably be more expensive.
  2. Decide if all day comfort is important to you.  If your answer is “no”, then feel free to choose from any sandals that catch your eye.  However, if you need a sandal that is going to keep your foot comfortable all day or you have foot problems, ask specifically (or search specifically) for “comfort sandals”.  These are sandals specially designed to be very comfortable and easy on your feet.  They are also often quite expensive, but they are usually made with very high quality materials and last a long time.  Some well respected brands of comfort sandals to take a look at are Clarks, Born and Naturalizer.
  3. Decide how much you’re willing to pay for a pair of sandals.  If you don’t want to spend more than $20.00, then stick to the discount department/shoe stores.  If you’re willing to spend more but would still like to get a deal, check out a site like 6pm.com or DSW.com – they have a great selection of discounted sandals and you can often get a great bargain.  If money is no object, check out higher end department stores or an online store like Zappos.com.  Both these places carry designer and quality name brand sandals.
  4. Decide what style and heel height you are looking for.  Flip flops?  T-strap?  Gladiator?  Flats?  Platform?  This will help you quickly narrow down all the choices available if you know before you start shopping what you like or what best suits your foot.
  5. Decide what color of sandal you prefer.  Take a look at your summer wardrobe and think about what color sandal would match the most of your clothes.  Unless you have the money to buy a number of pairs of sandals in many colors, you don’t want to buy for example, a pair of yellow sandals, only to discover that they don’t match anything in your closet.  Good color choices to maximize coordinating your sandals with your wardrobe are black, tan and brown.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose sandals that you love so you can spend the summer showing off your pretty feet!