How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

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Travelers are always on the lookout for tips on cheap airline travel. This is particularly true when you consider that travelers spend the largest chunk of money on airfare. In order to enjoy cheap airline travel, however, you sometimes have to think outside-the-box. Here are some tips help you save money and enjoy cheap airline travel.

Consider One-Way Tickets for Cheap Airline Travel

The common belief used to be that a round-trip ticket meant saving money. However, that is not always the case anymore. If you’ve shopped for airline tickets online recently, you likely noticed that some airlines’ rates are for a one-way trip.

According to, in addition to pricing one-way fares, it’s a good idea to price the trip each way before you book a flight. Sometimes you can save much more if you get two one-way tickets with two different airlines.

Cheap Airline Travel During the Holidays

Most travelers travel one or two days before the actual holiday and return home within the three days following the holiday during which you’ll pay the highest airfares.

For cheap airline travel, consider catching an early flight on the holiday. Even if you fly back during the busy period, you might still pay less because you flew out on a holiday.

If you’re traveling for Christmas, consider flying out early on December 25 and returning late on January 01. You could possible save half or more on airfare.

Fare-Comparison Sites & Cheap Air Travel

Fare-comparison websites such as SideStep and Kayak allow you to compare all available flights to your destination. You simply pull up the fare-comparison website on your browser, and enter your departure and destination airports. Select the “Show Nearby Airports” options under the “To” and “From” fields.

You’ll also need to select your departure and return dates. Choose your desired travel times from the drop-down menu. If you’re dealing with a flexible schedule and choose the “Anytime” option, you’ll increase the chances of finding cheap airline travel deals. Select the number of travelers from the drop-down menu and click “Search.”

Expect to receive a list of flights from which you can make your selection. Once you find a cheap airline travel ticket, click on either “Select Flight,” “Select” or “Go,” depending on the site you’re using. The comparison website will direct you to the corresponding site so you can book your cheap airline travel ticket.

Book Your Cheap Airline Travel Deal in Advance

Miscellaneous tips for cheap airline travel deal:

  • The closer to your travel date, the more you’ll pay for an airline ticket. Book at least two or three weeks in advance.
  • Whenever possible, look for cheap airline travel tickets on Wednesdays after midnight. This is when most airlines release their discounted tickets.
  • Whenever possible, try flying on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. You’ll find that these days of the week are more conducive to cheap airline travel.
  • Consider neighboring airports when pricing your flight. The airport that you fly out from or fly into can often make a difference in airfare.

Cheap airline travel deals are out there but require a bit of time to find them. Sometimes traveling cheaply involves some inconveniences. You’ll need to need to determine what’s more important to you: saving money or convenience.

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