Getting College Girls

Be Playful

Being playful is an important part of meeting and flirting with women. Flirting is not a serious conversation and thus 'getting serious' can reduce the sexual tension in an interaction. Guys do this all the time when they meet a girl or are on a date. They start asking serious questions and telling women serious elements about their lives which results in an interview type scenario. Asking the same old boring questions like 'what do you do?', 'where are you from?' etc... are very serious and not conducive to a flirting vibe. Stay on light topics, have fun with your surroundings and sub communicate your messages. Another important element in being playful is to not get hung up on the conversation. If you are talking about a topic, and you are interrupted once by the waiter, then again by the band, and the topic changes, DROP IT. Nothing is that important when you are flirting. Learn to go with the flow and keep a playful vibe.

Be Challenging

Being challenging is an important part of being a man. Know your values and boundaries, speak your opinion. Nobody likes a pushover. Don't agree with everything she does or forgive her for things that don't fall in line with what you want. If she wants to go somewhere that is not your first preference, Challenge it. Speak your mind. If she tries to order the most expensive thing on the menu, challenge it. Don't be a push over; you have boundaries, enforce them. It's important here to keep a playful challenging mindset. Always be playful. If she is asking you to buy her drinks all night, playfully challenge it with something like 'what, don't you work? I thought we live in a modern age where men and woman are equal. I think you can buy the next round (sneaky smile).


Teasing is an element you can use to show you are playful, challenging and fun. Teasing is not being an asshole. Teasing is what you do with your friends. Most guys treat a girl different to how they treat their friends. Girls don't like this. Girls don't want to be put up on a pedestal and miss out on all the playful fun. If a girl makes a mess, tease her about it. If she is clumsy and drops something, tease her about it. Remember to stay playful. You are not being an asshole but you are treating her the same way you would treat your friends.

Watch your Body Language

Body Language is super important. You will never have any luck flirting with woman if you can't keep eye contact or smile. Remember, eyes, not boobs. Stand straight and tall, take up space and slow your movements. But most importantly, SMILE. Have fun. Flirting is supposed to be fun, and if you are not having fun (which your body language will show) the woman will pick up on it.

Make a Move

Flirting is part of the courting process. Making a move is part of the courting process. If you are having a good interaction with a girl, make a move. Ask her out on a date, ask for her phone number or go for the kiss. It doesn't matter if she says no. The fact you asked is showing that you are a man and you are confident to go for what you want. This will make her like you more. If she says no, don't let it bother you. Keep flirting with her and ask again. Asking and having her say no is MUCH better than not asking at all.