Going natural, can benefit your body and mind in many ways. From diet to beauty, here are 5 easy tips and suggestions for taking a more natural and healthier step to living a better life and making your body happy.


 Maybe this tip has been beaten into your head by your doctor, parents, or as a general rule of thumb, but water really is the most basic and core tip for your body. They say drink about 8 glasses of water a day. Really, you just want to drink as much as you can. One of the best things you can do is substitute water for any drink you have. Eliminate pop, juice, and alcohol. Obviously, you can have drinks other than water on occasion, such as juice, which can contain vitamins (depending on how pure it is).

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  Pop is the number one thing that is just unnecessary, and not good for your body at all. It is full of sugar, and if you're like me, leaves your teeth feeling gross. Also, it can give you a bit of a gross feeling in your body as well. Diet pop is almost as bad, though it doesn't have the high amount of sugar, it does contain aspartame. 

  By drinking a lot of water a day, you are detoxifying your body and will help flush out unwanted substances being held in your body. Water can help stomach aches, help constipation, and flush out toxins quickening sickness time. Also, if you feel bloated, water will help by reducing water retention eliminating excess water and making you feel light, not bloated, by getting rid of water weight.

Water also helps reduce acne and provide clearer skin, is very beneficial to the kidneys, improves muscular health, and helps aid in weight loss and overall weight maintenance by suppressing appetite. 

Organic Facial Masks/Cleansers

 Going natural for face cleansers and masks will only help your skin's health and bring out it's natural glow. There are a ton of chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients in face washes, and it is simply cheaper, easier, less irritating, and healthier to choose to cleanse your face with natural ingredients. 

Oatmeal - Take about a handful of plain, bulk oats and moisten with a little bit of warm water. This will create a milky liquid for you to apply to your face. Also, rub the oats all over your face for a less abrasive exfoliant that won't leave your skin dry and rough. Rinse the oatmeal off with warm water and instantly your skin will feel a lot softer and will glow. 

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Fruit Smoothie - Not the one that you eat! Take a few strawberries, a bit of honey, lemons, and coconut milk and mix well. Apply to your face and let sit for about 10-15 minutes. The strawberries will help acne since they contain salicylic acid, lemons provide skin brightening, honey is a great moisturizer as well as coconut milk will help even out skin tone and reduce redness. 

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These are only a couple of suggestions but you can find many more online. Also, for a daily cleanser you don't want to make everytime, LUSH is a great store that offers all organic and handmade beauty products. You can buy natural facial cleansers that smell great and that will last you the same amount of time of regular drugstore products. The one that I am using at the moment is called "Angels on Bare Skin" which is a loose lavender and almond based face cleanser that makes your skin feel amazing. I would suggest checking out LUSH if you want to start buying organic beauty products. 


 Oils really are the best beauty product. Argan and Moroccan oil are big for hair care, while I suggest coconut oil for everything, literally. Coconut oil is one of the best oils to use for healthy, strong, soft hair as well as soft and glowing skin. Coconut oil can also be used for cleansing your face, as it contains antiviral and antibacterial properties that will help reduce acne, and be used as a soothing makeup remover.

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 Oils, for hair and skin, also provide protection against environmental impurities and UV exposure while keeping them moisturized. Coconut oil is also a great alternative to other cooking oils. 

   I have used oils is to totally replace hair products such as creams, serums, and heat protectors, as well as a pre-shampoo treatment and overnight treatment. 

Also another tip, Oils such as coconut oil or sesame oil can be used as a natural mouth wash, known as oil pulling. Basically, you take about a tablespoon of oil and swish it around in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes and it is supposed to draw out toxins and impurities from the body as well as helping whiten teeth, reduce headaches, and make you feel more energized. 

Natural Beauty Products

 Making your own beauty products is a lot cheaper and will last longer. I've already talked about face cleansers, but here I want to talk about DIY deodorants and toothpaste. 

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Basically, regular deodorants contain aluminium and aluminium compounds which have been linked to the development of breast cancer. You can find natural deodorants at a health food store, though may be a little bit more expensive. You can also make your own using baking soda, essential oils, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and other different ingredients. Natural deodorants will mask the smell, but since they do not contain aluminium, which block sweat ducts, will not reduce wetness. Though, by switching to natural, you will naturally start producing less sweat as your body gets used to it. 

You can also make your own toothpaste using your own ingredients. By mixing baking soda, peppermint oil or mint leaves, and bentonite clay, you can create an all natural whitening toothpaste that will be a lot cheaper and will last a lot longer since you can create as much as you want. 

Other Tips

 - Try buying more natural brand makeup, and makeup that does not test on animals. 

- Buy from organic health food stores, whole food stores, and other organic stores such as LUSH for natural beauty products

- Avoid artificial and processed foods

- Eat more fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and only pure 

- Get outside more, take walks out in trails and forests to be in nature

- Use your car less

- Recycle

- Try shopping at second hand or thrift stores instead of buying new, or make your own clothes

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