As a parent with a newborn, leaving the house for a simple grocery trip takes hours-worth of packing, double-checking, and re-packing. So how about those long family trips for the holidays? Even though you have everything packed and ready to go, how are you going to endure such a long car ride with a fussy infant? Here are a few tips to help ensure your little one, and yourself, have an enjoyable trip.

1.  Comfort comes First- The most important thing to remember for long trips is to make sure your baby is comfortably situated in their seat. Check the straps to see that they aren’t too tight and that their clothing isn’t going to become all bunched up during the trip. Also check to ensure they have optimal support for their head and neck, anyone would be fussy if they were uncomfortable for that long.

2.  Timing is Everything- Because your child requires a consistent schedule, timing your trips just right is for the best. Schedule the start of your trips around the start of their sleep time. Although it may be a hassle for you, long travels overnight are usually the best way to go to keep your munchkin happy and asleep for most of the trip.

3.  Toys, Toys, Toys- Although you don’t want to weigh yourself down with an unnecessary amount of toys for your trip, your baby will need some form of entertainment. A fantastic toy to invest in would be a toy mobile that hangs from the car seat handle. Something that wraps around the handle and has a number of shiny, noise making dangles for baby’s entertainment. This will not only appeal to your little angel, it will also be very neatly out of your way and far less of a hassle than having numerous toys lost in their seat.

4.  Soothing Noises- Every child is different. While some find white noise to be soothing, other may find rock music or nature sounds to be soothing. Try to experiment and see what sounds put your baby’s mind and nerves at ease. Make a CD or playlist that include your child’s favorite noises and you can be almost guaranteed an enjoyable ride.

5.  Easy to Reach- Sometimes you need to grab a bottle or pacifier on the fly. So what happens when that oh-so-needed binky is in the bottom of the diaper bag? Chaos, that’s what. Before you take off on your journey, have everything you will need for sure situated in an easy-to-reach spot. Whether it be a travel case that simply unravels or a small plastic tub, be sure everything your child might need is easily located.

Travelling long distances with an infant can be enough to make any parent pull the rest of their hair out. But by ensuring that your baby will have a comfortable and an enjoyable ride will help make sure you keep at least some of your hair.